BAM Studios’ 7th anniversary also marks finish of corporate music track 12 months in the works

Brian Reed’s BAM Studios celebrates its seventh anniversary of business this month, which also marks the completion of a year-long Harley-Davidson music project.

The ever-changing, 18-minute H-D internal sales video, created by local BrandTrust, encompassed a sizable amount of music search and narration recording.

BAM’S proprietary DreamServer tracked music searches for the video, which contained 11 selections, each with its own soundtrack and more than 15 compositions “and allowed us to quickly compile the final license,” said Reed.

BAM’s DreamServer search engine integrates media files, storage, database and efficient network. It contains for the Midwest’s largest music and effects library?500,000 music cuts and 200,000 sound effects.

“Our renegade attitude towards technology gives us an advantage over other houses,” said Reed, who spent 12 years at now-defunct Skyview before opening his own boutique shop.

“We’re looked at as a beta-test site and we have been able to discover some of the best additions to the industry, such as DreamServer, long before our competitors,” he added.

“We’re constantly researching and investigating new products to stay at the forefront of changes in the industry.”