Author Elder sets the record straight in biography of action director in “John Woo: Interviews”

Action auteur John Woo was hesitant when Robert K. Elder first approached him to do a book of interviews with the director.

“There are a whole bunch of massive inconsistencies that run through his bios,” Elder said. “I had to convince him that I’d set the record straight and tell his story correctly for the first time.”

Woo finally relented, and began meeting with Elder for a series of conversations over a year. Those conversations became the foundation for “John Woo: Interviews,” edited by Elder and just out from the University Press of Mississippi.

A Tribune staff writer, Elder will appear at an Oct. 21 book signing and reception at the Gene Siskel Film Center, followed by a screening of Woo’s 1989 masterpiece “The Killer,” the film that brought Woo and star Chow Yun-fat to the attention of mainstream audiences in the West.