Aspiring filmmaker asks questions of The Reel

Aspiring filmmaker Adriana Rivera has some basic questions that the Reel is happy to answer, and hopes it also helps you.

Rivera : I’d love to know what’s filming in Chicago.
The Reel: Lots going on at any given time. Easily 20-plus indie films are in some phase of production at any given time.

If it’s Hollywood features you want to know about, the folks at the Illinois Film Office, 312/814-3600, will be happy to fill you in.

Networking with other filmmakers provides amazing info. The Midwest Independent Film Festival held the first Tuesday of the month is a great place to start.

Rivera : I also would like to know about special events in the city.
The Reel: If you mean film-related special events, you’ve come to the right place. The Reel’s Ed Koziarski has a complete rundown updated almost daily. Our Calendar notes an event to attend practically every night of the week.

Rivera I would like to know about workshops on film production…
The Reel: Production workshops are the raison d’etre of the many film organizations. There’s the Independent Feature Project (IFP/Midwest), Women in Film, Chicago Filmmakers, Women in the Directors Chair, and lots of others. Membership fees are affordable and youll meet lots of helpful people there on a regular basis.

Rivera …And how do I start filming with script ready to go?
The Reel: Outside of taking a college film course, we’re back to networking and attending seminars. Since you’ve got a script, you might want to drop in on of the two long-running screenwriters organizations in town.

Chicago Screenwriters Network, led by Roseanne DiMesio, meets the first Sunday of the month at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln, phone 312/409-9407. Chicago Screenwriters Group, led by Eric Diekhans, meets every three weeks at the Perfect Cup restaurant at the corner of Damen and Leland; Email

Rivera Producers and directors’ information would also help me.
The Reel: See above.

Thanks, Adriana Rivera,

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