ARU hosts a meet-up for an update on the latest in VR

Audio post ARU, aiming to be Chicago’s go-to studio for virtual reality immersive sound services, is hosting a Nov. 9 CHIVR meet-up with top VR experts demonstrating the latest virtual reality headsets, software, media and games from Chicago companies.

“VR is an exciting new medium which will require new tools, workflows and expertise to produce engaging and immersive soundtracks,” says sound designer Mark Zebrowski, ARU partner with Don Arbuckle.

“Our meet-up group is organized so that tech industry thought leaders can come together and hear the latest advances from the experts, try out new hardware and software and network with other innovators.”

The evening will start with the featured speakers and Q&A. They are: August Wasilowski, senior software engineer, InContext Solutions; Daniel Allen, founder/CD, Block Interval; Mario Jobbe, cofounder, Circos;; Elina Vanyukhina, creative talent matchmaker, The Creative Group and Larry Levin, president, Advantage Trading.

“Participants will have a chance to demo the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift CV1, Oculus Touch, and Samsung Gear VR. Among the featured software and games will be ‘Life of Lon,’ the VR story game from Block Interval currently in development,” Zerbowski says.

The talks will be followed by a tour ARU’s studios, networking and participation in the demo sessions. Beer and pizza will be available throughout the evening.

At ARU, 625 N. Michigan, #2400 starting at 5 p.m.