‘Art of Motivation’ at Chicago Comedy Film Festival

Jeff Rogers in "Art of Motivation"

Jeff Rogers in “Art of Motivation”

New web series features
narcissistic characters
who go about
“undermining each other”
with a kind of
egotistical finesse
that’s a joy to watch

Open floor plans, clashing personalities, and corporate insincerity get a hilarious sendup in the first episode of Art of Motivation, a new web series created by John Cuneo.

Described as “an episodic comedy that follows three motivational speakers trying to become the next Tony Robbins or Oprah,” it features compelling and narcissistic characters who go about “undermining each other” with a kind of egotistical finesse that’s a joy to watch.

“It’s a funny take on how motivational speakers are often insecure,” explains producer Lisa Osmon. “They claim that they have all the answers even though they really don’t, but they found a niche to make some money on it.”



Filmed on location in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Art of Motivation web series is based on Cuneo’s successful 2015 stage play of the same name. It features a cast of highly confident actors trained at places like the Annoyance Improv Theater, Second City, and Ireland’s Conservatory of Drama.

Director of Photography Derek Devine — the Emmy Award winning producer, co-founder, and CEO of Punch Films — captures the brilliant dialogue, timing, and articulation with perfect detail.

Art of Motivation plays this Saturday morning at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival. For more information, click here.

Jeff Rogers
Second City alum, actor and comedian, Jeff draws his character from real life as a professional MC, TV host, Amazon Best Selling Author and sought after public speaker with experience engaging audiences.

Jill Oliver
Actor, writer, director and choreographer, Jill worked with many theaters in Chicago. Her training includes The Conservatory of Drama at DIT-Ireland, Columbia College Chicago and Annoyance Improv Theater.

Kevin McKillip
Shakespearean actor and comedy web series performer for the Onion, Kevin’s Credits include Empire (FOX), Dr. Walsh on Chicago Med (NBC) and Young FDR on World Wars( History Channels).

John Cuneo, creator
John, a Chicago / Midwest Emmy Award Winning writer / director, created Art of Motivation originally as a play and was encouraged to revive it as a web series. John co-founded Punch Films where he’s written and directed corporate and commercial comedies and shorts.

Lisa Osmon, producer
Lisa is an accomplished producer, set designer / decorator, location scout and stylist. Her resume includes a myriad of behind the scenes jobs in the television commercial industry.

Derek Devine, exec producer, DP, editor
Derek is a Chicago / Midwest Emmy Award winning producer, co-founder and CEO of Punch Films. Derek received his Master’s of Music from the Cleveland Institute of Music. At Punch he is a director of photography, cinematographer, director / colorist, 2D/3D motion graphics artist, compositor and audio post.

   Marjorie Grace-Jamie Newell
   Joaquin-Ray Williams
   Cop-Jamie Campbell
   Darleen D’Amico-Susan Domer
   Lawrence and Dan-Jerry Beasley, Benjamin Roney
   Jeff’s son-Lucas Holly
   Millionaire Father-Kurt Neal
   Millionaire’s Daughter-Hannah Hoffman
   Young L.E.-Hannah Gaff

   Cinematographer-John Hartman
   1st camera, key gaffer, props-Matt Compton
   Sound-Dennis Salazar
   Asst. Supervisor-Mary Gerber
   Script Supervisor, Editor-Christine Taylor
   Graphics, Web Design-Portley Colwell