Anthony J. Baker stars in “Quietly on by,” the third indie feature from director Frank V. Ross

Frank V. Ross brings his third tale of suburban alienation to the big screen when his latest feature “Quietly on by” premieres Sept. 10 at the Film Center, with an encore screening Sept. 16 at Acme Art Works.

“This picture is supposed to feel like life, not imitate it,” said Ross, describing “Quietly on by” as “a modern day version of Sartre’s ?Nausea’?without the narration.”

Anthony J. Baker stars as a lonely, unemployed young man fumbling for human connection, and much of the film’s intensity comes from the fact that his desperation often barely registers for the other characters.

“I wanted to meet these people where they are right now, and make the experience of watching the picture aggressive for the audience and myself,” Ross said.

“I try to make the actors talk to each other, not play for the camera?and try to make each other laugh, not the audience. Everything happens so fast in life, I feel our job is to capture it, not recreate it or act it out.”

“Quietly on by” also stars Debi Hulka, Jennifer Knox, Danielle Ostrowski and Lonnie Phillips. Ross edited, and shot with his producing partner Joe Imbrogno.