Up and Down the Avenue 9/29/03

Jewel commercials came to an end last week after some 20 years of local production. New owners Albertson’s moved production to its Dallas in-house studio.

Producer Diane Mikita, Jewel’s local in-house agency for as many years, won’t be moving with the account. Post Effects shot and edited the weekly spots for nearly eight years.

John Credideo says his Chicago Studio City properties could be gone in a few weeks. Is he sad about it? “I had a good run,” he says. One of the stages could be sold to the NBA and used as a practice court.

DDB’S Grant Hill is one of the headline agency exec speakers at the 2003 Commercials Forum Oct. 3 in New York.

“The Weatherman” – Nicolas Cage movie that’s been on the table here for the last three months could be one of four features slated for Chicago filming next year.

Winners of the recent Chicago Motion Graphics Fest can be found at www.aechicago.org/filmfest/. Check ?em out.

Stephen Kennedy, who announced a film fund back in May, has hopes that four films they could be backing will shoot in Illinois next year.

Mobius Awards deadlines were pushed back to the end of October. Commercials will be judged by panels around the world. The Chicago-founded spot fest is now headed by ex-Chicagoan Lee Gluckman.