Up and Down the Avenue – 02/07/04

JWT wins the $12 million Illinois Tourism account, resigned last year by BBDO.

Tom Bernadin is Leo Burnett’s new president, from Interpublic’s Lowe’s/New York — the first non-Burnetter to have that post in the agency’s 70 year history.

DDB resigned the Lottery account, citing a difference of opinion over marketing and creative.

Marguerite Juliusson has added director Dennis Manarchy and Big Deahl Productions to her representation roster.

Oh-oh! Roger Ebert gave “Barber Shop 2” only a half-star, saying in his review that he “kinda liked it but not enough to recommend.” The Trib’s Michael Wilmington liked it much better and felt it worthy of two-and-a-half stars.

Send get well to Roscor’s Mitch Roston who’s recovering from surgery.

Kartemquin’s “The New Americans'” first two hours screen Feb. 11 at Facets. Starting March 29 PBS will air the new doc series about a diverse group of immigrants.

Rutger Thiellier of London is the new design director of i4Design, a division of Capps Digital.

According to TiVo , the five most popular Super Bowl commercials were Bud Light’s “Sleigh Ride,” Bud Light’s “Good Dog,” American Legacy’s “Shards O’Glass,” 7UP’s “Slam Dunk” and Bud Light’s “Smooth Monkey.

“Permalancers” is a new lexicon addition, as used by a producer in McDonald’s corporate offices and duly reported here.