Ambitious genre-spanning triptych underway

COLUMBIA COLLEGE GRADS Shakena Reed, Ira Childs and Kaira Peyton are collaborating on “THE TRIO PROJECT,” a genre-spanning omnibus triptych they plan to submit to the American Black Film Festival. They’re shooting in late November.

Childs, of Realm 21 Films, is writer/director of an untitled horror short, about a man who “stalks and studies the habits of women before moving in on his prey.”

Peyton, of Stony Road Productions and an “Oprah” PA, is writing and directing an untitled comedy, about kids turning the tables on monsters who’ve been terrorizing them. Reed, of SheKeBreeze Productions, writes and directs the kidnapping thriller “Saved.” Reed is line producer of all three films.

“We would like to add additional genres to our project,” says Reed, who’s been an AD and set decorator for Twista music videos.

“If all goes as planned, I will also be coordinating a concert to raise funds for our projects and give local artists the opportunity to expand their fan base.” They’re looking for crew. Email