Agency’s in-house studio dishes up digital pizza spots

Milwaukee-based Palermo’s Pizza launched its first campaign for Urban Pie frozen premium pizzas via new AOR Laughlin Constable, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Produced by its in-house studio HIVE for digital content, the series of eight online videos and radio spots run on digital Pandora and Spotify in Chicago and 11 other markets through October, says creative director Jon Laughlin, who oversees HIVE for digital content production in the agency’s Chicago and Milwaukee offices.

The videos were taped in a West Loop location, helmed by freelance director Al Wyatt and edited at HIVE by Lauren Brandoff, where the radio spots were recorded.

The facility occupies 1,000-sq. ft. in each of the agency’s Chicago and Milwaukee offices, both with Premiere editing suites and recording booths.

“HIVE represents how we are leveraging technology to provide high quality creative executions for brands that can be shared across digital platforms at the speed of digital,” notes Laughlin, a 10-year agency veteran and son of multi-honored co-founder Steve Laughlin.

He calls HIVE “a creation studio, in the sense of its collaboration with our creative team.” Having HIVE in-house “makes it easier for us to keep the branding intact and be more cost efficient.

In addition to a full-time staff of six across the two offices, “We have people in the agency who wear different hats, such as art directors can be tapped for graphics or directing and some who edit as well,” he says.

Having HIVE in-house “makes it easier for us to keep the branding intact and be more cost efficient. Our goal is to continue to provide our clients with a high level of creative and production quality at low cost.”

The agency, however, will continue to partner with outside vendors on a variety of broadcast advertising projects.

Laughlin Constable’s clients include Wisconsin Tourism, Northwestern Medicine, Acuity Insurance, GE Health Care and Lung Cancer Alliance.

The agency also has offices in New York and Red Bank, New Jersey, with a total staff of 235. It has been repeatedly recognized by national organizations for exemplary workplace practices.