Advertising’s next generation medium could be
M1 Interactive’s magical touch screen images

Back in the early ?90s, video artist Brian Dressel was one of the key players in the Chicago rave party scene.

Through his work with video effects design OVT Visuals, Dressel observed people interacting with his visuals, touching the screens to dancing in front moving images, and realized that his audience wanted more than just a big TV set to look at.

Now president of M1 Interactive, Inc., Dressel focuses on developing fully interactive video technologies for the advertising and beyond.

With his partner Peter Nyboer, Dressel designed Respondr, an advanced digital video platform that works in real time to encourage people to interact with the images.

“I am very interested in immersive interactive experiences, where the passive viewer becomes an active participant,” says Dressel. “I created M1 Interactive as a platform to develop these new technologies.”

Respondr relies on small digital cameras that serve as its “eyes to the world” as Dressel puts it, to extrapolate the movements of the participant, transfer the data to a computer, which then generates a corresponding visual effect on the monitor or projection screen.

In other words, when you wave your hand over the images the effects react to your movements in real time.

With 50 effects ranging from blur, liquid and fire already available and endless effect possibilities, and the ability to use the technology with a variety of visual platforms Respondr goes beyond pre-existing, limited touch screen technologies.

“We have a fantastic manufacturing team that can design any sort of product we desire,” says Dressel. “Beyond mere digital signage, virtually any flat surface can be transformed: walls, floors, screens, staging, tables and more.”

Respondr’s marketing appeal is its invitation to interact

Dressel sees the most obvious draw for Respondr in advertising and hopes that the technology will become the next generation medium.

The company already has a varied clientele list including E! Entertainment Network, the City of Chicago, Pontiac, Anheuser Busch, Lincoln Park Zoo, the 2007 Superbowl, LaSalle Bank, Revo Sunglasses, and even ex-M?tley Cr?e drummer Tommy Lee.