Ad Shorts Night seeks entries till July 29

In the heart of many an ad professional who creates commercials for a living lurks the heart of an artist, striving for recognition by his peers of his Creative Expression.

And that chance for stardom is just around the corner, by submitting a short film for the AICP-sponsored 3rd annual Advertising Shorts Night to be presented Oct. 4 by the Midwest Independent Film Festival. 

The festival will screen original shorts that are conceived, produced, directed, edited and scored by the best of the Midwest commercial industry.

“It’s an occasion for the whole creative community to shine,” says John Noble, One at Optimus’ EP/managing director.  

“It’s an amazing opportunity for people in the community to break free of the creative constrictions and approval layers that can sometimes get in the way of truly breakthrough work.”  

Submission rules are simple:  No limit on the number of films submitted.  Filmmaker works in advertising and/or commercial production.  Film was produced in the Midwest by Midwesterners.  (Could be a dicey interpretation, so click here

for exact definitions.) The entry was produced between 2006-2011 and is not a spot or spot spec.

Deadline is July 29.  For rules and a submission form, click here