Ad Community Shorts Night screens 15 films Oct. 1

Scene from director Anna Jung’s “Off Into Space” short

The 3rd annual Advertising Community Shorts Night Tuesday at the Midwest Independent Film Festival, Tuesday, Oct. 1, presents the work of 15 filmmeisters from ad and marketing agencies, post/production houses, still photographers, Second City and Steppenwolf, from Chicago, Madison and Detroit.

Earlier this month a jury of knowledgeable souls from various aspects of visual media production judged an imaginative collection of entries from one to 16 minutes in length.

Their selections follow, grouped according to their premiere status.


Off Into Space. With a national TV audience watching on Monday Night Football in 1995, Bears fan Mike Pantazis jumped out of his seat to catch Kevin Butler’s point-after. The rest is history. Directed by Anna Jung for silentRebel and Teletech Video.

Mumbai Golf. Caddies from an upscale golf club in Mumbai who are not allowed to play on the traditional course because of their social and economic status, create a new version of golf that winds through the streets and slums of Mumbai. 

From Schaumburg-based Evolve Digital Media; Bill Roach, director and Yaron Deskalo writer-producer of Madison, Wisc. Produced for ESPN’s Emmy Award-winning series E:60.

Call the Press and Send Their Best. An experimental exploration into the unique and powerful emotions that exist between fathers and daughters.

From Second City VP/CD Michael Starcevich, director; Jon Singer of Concentrated, executive producer; song recorded for Tony Rogers by Chris Shepard, CRC.

A Jim Krantz still from “Chernobyl”Homage: Remembering Chernobyl. A beautiful collection of images compliments a thoughtful look back at the 1986 disaster by photographer Jim Krantz.

Green Vial.  While a silent infection ravages their co-workers, four laboratory employees await their own test results in the longest, and possibly last, 15 minutes of their lives. Directed by Element 79 broadcast producer Michael Gabriele.

Babysitters.  Comedic short starring Second City Mainstagers Emily Wilson and Brad Morris. directed by Second City’s Jeff Hadick.

Apartment Guy. Comedic short from Cap Gun Collective, directed by Alex Fendrich and Whitehouse Post, edited by Matt Wood and starring Bill Boehler.


The Cave Singers are the subject of director Sam Macon’s “Black Leaf”Black Leaf. Directed by Sam Macon, produced by Timm Gable and Jonah Mueller of Radar Studios for indie rock trio The Cave Singers (pictured left).

Be Infectious. Four months, 14 shoot days, four states and dozens of talented kids later, it’s time to inspire the next generation of creative minds.  

From Rascals & Rogues, the creative partnership of EP Ritch Wedeking and director Kerry Shaw Brown.

Butterflies. A visually arresting new video directed by Sandro Miller, edited by Josh Bodner of The Whitehouse, featuring Steppenwolf ensemble member John Malkovich.

Cats in Tanks. The title of this comedic super-short is self-explanatory, from director James Dierx of The Whitehouse.

Ike’s Kream. A stunning animated adventure short about our childhood memories and the way we interpret these once our childhood is over

Clear Your Head. Experimental music video for the punk rock band Pennywise.

Party Thighs. Ruby Weapon’s first music video is an ensemble dance epic with a monster fight to a Nerf hoop jam contest. Two emcees, a hype man, a DJ, and a cast of many throw a misfit’s party on the streets of Chicago. Directed by Logan Hall, Optimus.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Rise of the Fist. It’s the hottest game above the slums and above the radar. In the world of underground Rock, Paper, Scissors, the tensions are high and the stakes are higher. From Owen Weber, Detroit.

Lighter Lightness. Benton, on the outs in his marriage, was just looking for a place to crash. The magic he discovers at his friend Herb’s may be just the thing to turn himself around and finally see the light. From writer-director Mitch Apley, Abelson Taylor.

Sponsors include AICP Midwest, One at Optimus, Chicago Recording Company, Resolution Digital Studios, O’Connor Casting, Sony, AbelCine, Beast Editorial, 59 Films, Airstream Audio and Fletcher Camera & Lenses.

The monthly Midwest Independent Film Festival is held at the Landmark Century Center Cinema, starting at 6 p.m., screenings at 7:30 p.m.  Filmmakers will be in attendance for post-screening discussions.