Ace reveals what Dads really want to do on Father’s Day

According to a new Ace Hardware survey, an overwhelming number of Dads—74 percent—said they would rather man the grill on Father’s Day than have someone else grill for them. In addition, 29 percent of respondents said they would buy a grill for dad (or themselves) on Father’s Day. 

Summer Grilling Trends:

  • Ready to Reunite: When asked how likely respondents were to host a BBQ for friends and family, a resounding 41 percent said they were very likely to host a backyard barbecue this summer. 
  • A Must Grilling Holiday: Among the top summer grilling holidays including Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, Fourth of July ranked #1 among grillers who said grilling is a must activity as part of the festivities (30 percent). 
  • What Drives Grill Purchase: Nearly half (46 percent) of respondents said grill features are the most important factor when deciding on a new grill, followed by price (23 percent), and brand loyalty (12 percent).

How the Pandemic Affected Grilling Habits:

  • Grilling Frequency: Fifteen percent of grillers said they grilled more often during the pandemic. 
  • Grilling Frequency Reason: Of the respondents who grilled more frequently during the pandemic, the top reason cited was: It made me feel more productive and fulfilled (17 percent); followed by: To fill the time (15 percent); allowed me to be creative (14percent); and provided a sense of freedom (13 percent). 
  • Meals Grilled Per Week: More than 60 percent of grill owners prepared 1-2 meals on their grill each week on average during the pandemic. An impressive 21 percent grilled 3-5 meals each week. 
  • Grill Purchases: The pandemic drove 15 percent of grillers to purchase a new grill. 
  • Grilling Techniques: Nearly a quarter of grillers (21 percent) upped their grilling game during the pandemic and tried more technical and/or new grilling endeavors such as smoking, rotisserie, and grilling fish.

The Ace survey was completed by 545 Ace Rewards members.

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