AbelCine offers first look at the Fujinon Premista

Check out the lens
and get advice
from Fujinon
specialists at
the company’s
Cinespace showroom
this Thursday July 11

AbelCine Chicago will offer a first-look at the Fujinon Premista this Thursday July 11 from 2-5 p.m. at their office on the Cinespace Studios campus (2602 W. 16th Street). According to the company’s At the Bench web series, the gear lives up to its hype.

Megan Donnelly and the Fujinon Premista
Megan Donnelly and the Fujinon Premista

Training Manager Megan Donnelly test-drove the lens in a variety of handheld scenarios and lighting conditions from a downtown rooftop last month. As a camera technology specialist with more than a dozen years of freelance cinematography experience, she knows exactly how to kick the tires. And it appears that she likes what she saw.

“I find it particularly exciting that I can shoot with a full frame camera and zoom and remain handheld,” she says near the beginning of the review. “The zoom range is quite perfect.”

The report continues with an eloquently worded and thoroughly applied degree of expertise that speaks for itself, so we’ll let the video below do most of the talking.

But first, a few of the highlights:

“I was very impressed with
the natural color rendition of this lens.”

“With the Premista, the gradation is very rich.”

“No breathing is discernable.”

“The depth of field provided an extremely natural look.”

Megan Donnelly, AbelCine



To read Donnelly’s written review of the Fujinon Premista, click here. To RSVP for AbelCine’s First Look at the lens, click here.