The a2 Milk Company selects The Escape Pod as AOR

On April 28, Chicago’s The Escape Pod was named creative and media agency of record for The a2 Milk Company, the number one branded milk in Australia, which is also distributed in five countries globally.

The duo aims to disrupt the U.S. dairy category with real cows’ milk that is naturally easy to digest.

The agency will be responsible for creative, media, experiential, and in-store marketing initiatives.

“a2 Milk is a brand that will positively impact the lives of millions of Americans in a fundamentally important way. It’s got a great future ahead of it and we at The Escape Pod couldn’t be happier to bring their brand proposition to life in the most dramatic and impactful manner possible,” said Vinny Warren, the agency’s Executive Creative Director and co-founder.

The new regional campaign, “Love Milk Again,” debuted across TV, radio, digital and a mobile tour on April 26, 2017. Targeting consumers who believe they may be lactose intolerant, the anthemic spots showcase real people who are finally able to drink real milk again thanks to absence of the A1 protein proven to cause digestive discomfort.

“Digestive problems associated with drinking milk pose a massive barrier to consumption. One in four Americans say that they have issues digesting milk,” said Blake Waltrip, CEO of the U.S. region of The a2 Milk CompanyTM. He added, “75 million Americans think they are lactose intolerant. The problem is that a significant portion of these people are actually misdiagnosing themselves as lactose intolerant, and therefore unnecessarily missing out on the unique nutrition and taste of real dairy milk.”

Founded in New Zealand in 2000, The a2 Milk CompanyTM was started based on groundbreaking research that uncovered an important linkage between certain milk proteins and digestive issues. The research found that cows’ milk contains two kinds of proteins: A1 and A2. Only the A1 beta-casein protein has been proven to cause indigestion and discomfort typically associated with drinking milk. The a2 Milk CompanyTM holds a series of interlocking patents for determining, by a simple hair test, which cows produce A1 or A2 protein in their milk and the beneficial impact of the A2 protein. The company produces milk made exclusively by a2 cows, providing a real milk alternative that is naturally easy to digest.

a2 Milk's Love Milk Again by The Escape PodAfter dominating the Australian market as the number one branded milk brand with 80% loyalty, a2 experienced significant growth globally in New Zealand, China and the United Kingdom. Now the company is focused on expanding its U.S. footprint. The a2 Milk CompanyTM has now established a presence in California, Colorado, and now in the Southeast.

“We are excited to partner with The Escape Pod to help transform the way Americans consume dairy. They are masters at launching new products and working with innovative brands to disrupt established categories,” Waltrip boasted.


Spot: a2 Milk’s Love Milk Again

Agency: The Escape Pod

Managing Director: Norm Bilow

Executive Creative Director: Vinny Warren SVP

Director of Strategy: Leah Hattendorf

Executive Director of Production: Kent Kwiatt

Agency Producer: Adina Hilton

Creative Director: Jared Creason

Director of Accounts: Matthew Johnson

Account Supervisor: Allegra Sunday

Production Company: Yard Dog

EP Beth Pearson

Director: Stuart Douglas

DP: Magni Agustsson

Music: Asche & Spencer

VO Record & Final Audio Mix: Noisefloor

Color: Cinema Light Co, Paul Galati

Editorial: Colin Santangelo

VFX & Online Finishing: Rebellion VFX, Jake Maymudes

LA-Based Colin Costello writes for film, TV, advertising and of course, Reel Chicago. Follow him on Twitter @colincostello10.