A $5 million animated feature for Chicago

L.A.-based Omar McClinton embarks this month on his first animated feature as writer/director, the $5 million local production “Stork.”

McClinton, a native Chicagoan, is a veteran production and visual effects manager who is working with several local companies to produce the feature, which will be delivered next fall for a 2010 holiday release.

Mt. Zion comic book, production and effects company Heroic Age Studios is the lead animation house and will do the bulk of the work flow “and this will determine if I’ll have to utilize other vendors,” McClinton says.

Eric Hector and Tim Lynn of Heroic Age are art director and editor respectively.

Resolution Digital Studios will handle voice recording and postproduction services.

“With most of the production coming from the Midwest, I hope I can make Chicago proud and prove to be a producer that brings in even more work to such a talented and diverse group of hard working industry professionals,” says McClinton, the production manager of “Baby On Board” that shot here in 2008.

“Stork” follows a hapless Baby Factory delivery bird who gives an infant to a family of lions that he believes will do a better job of raising the baby than its intended parents would ? and then must fight to defend the adopted family against evil forces within the Baby Factory.

McClinton was inspired by the theme of “unconditional love.” “I wrote it for my son,” he says. “I’m trying to show people that a person in need of love, whether biologically yours or not, still needs love.”

Ed Asner is attached as the voice of the stork’s rhinoceros boss.