2020 in Review: Remembering Who Left Us

(Celebrating the Chicagoans who had impact)

Whether you stay in Chicago to make your mark or leave to make your impact felt somewhere else, you are still Chicago. 100%. It’s a badge of honor anyone from the city, that is second to none, wears proudly.

When you win, we cheer for you. And when we lose you, we cry and hug as a family. And that’s where we are in 2020, remembering and celebrating the ones – the special ones from “The Chi” – who will no longer make the journey with us.

But we will continue to move on, keeping their memories in our collective hearts. Because that’s how we live and continue on. No matter where we are. Below are some of the good, talented Chicagoans who inspired us and will continue even if they are not walking with us:

Dirk Wales author/founder of Rainbow Productions

1931 – 2020

Ed Murray Bill’s brother and Caddyshack inspiration

1944 – 2020

David Rodriguez, Chicago P.D., The Chi, Director & Producer

1970 – 2020

WLS news legend Joel Daly

1934 – 2020

Chicago Bears’ legend Gale Sayers

1943 – 2020

Filmmaker Andrew Biesen

Andrew Biesen
1990 – 2020

Jim Mahoney founder of Film & Tape Works

Chicago broadcasting icon Hugh Downs

1921 – 2020

Director Joel Schumacher

(Photo by Warner Bros)

Dick Johnson, Chicago TV news anchor

Dick Johnson
1953 – 2020

Musician John Prine

1946 – 2020

ABC 7 Meterologist Jerry Taft

1943 – 2020

Iconic TV Executive Fred Silverman

1937 – 2020

Co-Creator of ‘The Young and Restless’ Lee Phillip Bell

1928 – 2020

Radio Host Clark Weber

1930 – 2020

Radio Host Ron Britain

1937 – 2020

Model and Woolworth Heiress Mary Hartline Donahue

1927 – 2020

WMAQ NBC-5 Producer Anna Vasser

1954 – 2020

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If you would like to read some of their full obituaries CLICK HERE.

We also realize 2020 has had a devastating effect on some of our extended family – you our readers. If you have lost someone this year due to COVID or anything else, you have our sincere thoughts and empathy.

They are gone, but never forgotten. Happy New Year from Reel Chicago.

Colin Costello is the West Coast Editor of Reel 360. Contact him at colin@reel360.com or follow him on Twitter at @colinthewriter1