2020 in Review: Mark Egmon of The Team Companies

Mark Egmon

Editor’s Note: In 2020, the world changed right before our very eyes. Ad agencies, production companies and post houses were forced to adapt and begin a “new normal” working, living, exercising and entertaining out of home. Now that we have just entered 2021, we asked around our industry friends to reflect back on the year and how it changed them.

The TEAM Companies are led by a team of experts whose diverse backgrounds range from Fortune 500 corporations, film studios, record labels, ad agencies and production companies to entertainment industry labor unions, casting and talent agencies. Their collective and extensive experiences set the tone for TTC’s knowledge-driven culture and ability to support a comprehensive suite of services.

Many of us know that Mark Egmon served a six year term as President of AICP’s Midwest region during which time he co-founded the Illinois Production Alliance. He served as that organization’s first president and positioned the IPA to have an instrumental role in the creation and passing of Illinois’s film and commercial tax incentive.

Mark understands the business challenges that production and post-production companies face when taking on more comprehensive roles in the creation of advertising content for multiple media. While in this space, He takes a hands-on approach working with clients on brand strategy, marketplace positioning and how that dovetails into sales. Mark began working with TEAM, eventually taking a lead role in the company’s marketing, communications and business development initiatives.

Mark is based in The TEAM Companies’ Chicago office.

We sat down with Mark and asked how 2020 affected him, both personally and professionally.

1.    How did you adapt to working remotely? Do you prefer it, or can’t wait to get back into the office? 

I did better than I expected. I fortunately can have a dedicated home office, so that helps.

2.    What was the most challenging project you worked on this year? 

For me it was the cumulative. We were impacted along with everyone else, but there were certain parts of the company that were busy. I was busier than expected and the challenge was keeping everything moving forward and not dropping any balls.

3.    What project are you most proud of? 

All of them – I didn’t drop any balls.


4.    All things considered, was 2020 a good year or a bad year for your business

For parts of our company, such as Concert Tours and Production it was a less-than-stellar year. For other parts, such as talent & production Business Affairs, Talent & Music payroll and overall new business wins, it was better than expected.

5.    Do you think 2020 changed us permanently? 

From a business perspective, I think companies will be more open to work-from-home & there will be less business travel. From a cultural perspective, I think 2020 has been an eye-opening in many ways & that will change each of us. What that change is will depend on the person, but like other big events, there will be a “before 2020” and “after 2020” 

6.    What goals have you set for 2021? 

Better organized, more work-life balance. It is always a Sisyphean effort for me, but maybe 2021 is the year I accomplish it. 

BONUS QUESTION: Did your team gain or lose weight in 2020? 

Maintained for the most part.

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