2020 in Review: Anthony Gigante of PRG

Anthony Gigante Director of Business Development/TV-Film

Editor’s Note: In 2020, the world changed right before our very eyes. Ad agencies, production companies and post houses were forced to adapt and begin a “new normal” working, living, exercising and entertaining out of home. Now that we have just entered 2021, we asked around our industry friends to reflect back on the year and how it changed them.

For more than 30 years, PRG has challenged industry standards by breaking boundaries in all forms of entertainment and live events. PRG continues to set itself apart by innovating across disciplines and markets. Established out of small offices in Times Square and New Windsor, they have grown to over 68 offices in 17 countries across 5 continents.


The new 10,000 plus square foot facility in Chicago, located at 1414 South Western Avenue, offers 6 fully equipped camera prep bays and production offices. The contemporary wood and brick interior features an industrial warehouse-chic design.

PRG clients will have access to the world’s largest inventory of professional digital cinema, large format, and television broadcast cameras, lenses, and support gear. Most importantly PRG’s skilled technicians know the ins and outs of coordinating cine and broadcast style production packages, LED walls for Enhanced Environments, and 35Live! production packs to solve common and unique shooting challenges.

A convenient ground floor loading dock will provide drive-up pickup. Or visitors can use the ample on-premises parking.

Anthony Gigante is the Director of Business Development/TV-Film. We sat down with Anthony and asked how 2020 affected him, both personally and professionally.

1. How did you adapt to working remotely? Do you prefer it, or can’t wait to get back into the office?

For me, I was extremely productive working remotely. I had less interruptions and was able to truly focus on my clients needs. I do miss the office though and look forward to getting back one day soon. It’s extremely valuable for me to see/hear what’s going on so I can add value to some opportunities.

2. What was the most challenging project you worked on this year? 

We worked on many challenging projects this year. To keep it local, I would say our three shows in Chicago MED-PD-FIRE. Each day presented new challenges due to the pandemic. We take pride in partnering with these and all shows and proud of the respective production teams. We were extremely flexible in meeting the financial needs of these shows as a truly solid partnership should.

3. What project are you most proud of?

I am proud of all of the work that we have been associated with. I think that I am most proud of the direction that our company took to meet the needs of our clients and at the same time provide a safe, healthy, confident atmosphere of which to work. One of these directions was building XR stages and digital studios across the country.

Digital Studios Webpage

PRG Virtual Production Studio LA Deck

4. All things considered, was 2020 a good year or a bad year for your business?

We have many divisions here at PRG and of course, some of these took a hit. Despite that, we took the time to imagine new offerings and pivot to the current reality. We are very proud of how we weathered this storm.

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5. Do you think 2020 changed us permanently?

This is a deep question with many answers. I can only speak for myself. What I have seen is a coming together of all within my company to provide solutions and sympathy to assist our clients during this time. Many different feelings here, humility, empathy, compassion and optimism. I feel it has changed many for the better. As far as the industry, I feel it will come back slowly and better than ever.

6. What goals have you set for 2021?

My goal(s) for 2021 are to create additional revenue opportunities for my clients. Also to help others in need. Many have suffered during this pandemic. We seek and we help!

BONUS QUESTION: Did your team gain or lose weight in 2020?

The only weight that I gained was from accepting cookies from every website that I went on this year! I must have accepted over 1000 virtual cookies this year.

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