200+ filmmakers involved in Split Pillow’s fourth collaborative film “Realization,” to bow April 19

Film incubator Split Pillow premieres its fourth collaborative feature “Realization,” a seven-part riff on physics and the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse on April 19 at Facets Multimedia and later at and Chicago Filmmakers.

“?Realization’ is our biggest project ever in that we involved over 200 filmmakers, artists and actors,” said Split Pillow executive director Jason Stephens.

In each of seven chapters a different actor plays Murray, a tour guide at a research lab where his father was a renowned physicist, trying to win the heart of his coworker by finishing his father’s precarious quantum experiments.

“As a lover of the experimental genre, this project does something I’ve never seen done before: tell a singular story while giving each chapter its own autonomous production,” Stephens said. “Each chapter is a piece of the puzzle.”

Eight filmmakers worked independently of each other on the project with their own cast and crew, telling the chapters in succession without seeing one another’s work. The only assurance of continuity among the seven productions came from dramaturg April Winney and the DVX100 camera.