At 20 years, George Elder’s Luminair has evolved into a thriving entertainment production house

The world keeps changing, says Luminair Film Productions CEO George Elder, who continues to adapt to those changes, which is why his company at the 20-year mark is thriving when others have faded away.

Furthermore, he’s still having fun, producing a surprisingly large number of viable proprietary TV and web shows and features, while physically expanding his company.

Counting everything up, there are three children’s shows, a new take on a cooking show, a feature going into distribution this summer, new strategic partnerships and a move into larger space.

One of Luminair’s new ventures is moving “Spatulatta,” the children’s cooking show from webisodes to national television, in partnership with its creator/producer Gaylon Emerzian.

“We completed the pilot, and we’re close to finalizing a deal with Ch. 11 and other PBS stations,” he says. “Hopefully, it will be distributed this fall or January, 2009.”

While in the creative cooking realm, and with a three-year record of producing Rick Bayless’ immensely popular PBS series, “Mexico: One Plate at a Time” TV shows, Luminair is embarking on Beth Elder’s “The Heirloom Recipe Project,” about recipes that have been passed down through generations of family cooks.