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  • Agencies: Ad Agency Chief Creative Officers, Creative Directors, Heads of Production/Integrated Production & Producers, Digital Producers, Copywriters, Art Directors, Social Content Creators and Influencers, The One Club, Cannes
  • Brands: Brand managers, production & marketing execs
  • Movie studios: TV/Cable/Online networks: Development Executives, Showrunners, Producers, Senior Writers
  • Guilds: WGA East and West, SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, Cinematographers, Teamsters
  • Independent Filmmakers, Actors, Actresses, Casting Directors
  • Production, Post, Editing, VFX, Animation, Music & Sound companies: AICP, Owners, Managing Directors, Exec Producers, Producers, Showrunners, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Colorists, Grips, Visual Effects Supervisors /artists, Animation artists, Production Designers, Composers, Sound Designers, Reps, Audio Mixers, etc
  • Comic Book: Superhero fans, Creators, Influencers
  • Public Relations: Executives

Some of the 25+ countries reading Reel Chicago:
Canada, The United Kingdom, India, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Thailand, Phillipines, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Argentina, Finland, Egypt, Jamaica, Israel, Chile, Pakistan

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Your Ad in Reel Chicago (and Reel 360) provides a high-impact direct link to the decision-makers you need to reach.  Reel Chicago offers you a vehicle by which you stand out with a daily presence to the ever-increasing followers/subscribers of our website and social media.

Announce: Company launch, new division, new production,  new film festival, location, hires, creative and business services, hardware sales and rentals, industry awards.

Showcase: New campaigns in our New Work or Reel Ad of the Week sections, new films, new webseries, new division, new hardware and technology.

Between our digital platform, elerts and ZOOM interviews, our daily editions are packed with timely & relevant news and features dominating our days in this wonderful, challenging creative world we exist in.


January: Sundance, Super Bowl, Awards Season (Local Red Carpets, Industry Awards)

February: Super Bowl, The Reel Black List (highlighting Black Professionals from the Chicago industry), Black History Month, Valentines Day, Awards Season, The Oscars

March: Reel Women (Profiles of Women from local industries), Cubs and White Sox Baseball, The Bulls, Summer Movie Season

April: April Fools, Major League Baseball

May: Mother’s Day, Asian Heritage Month, Cannes (For Film)

June: AICP Week from a local perspective, Chicago’s agencies at Cannes, Pride, Summer Issue

July: Back to School, Summer Music and Film Festivals

August: Chicago Latino Film Festival, Filmscape

September: New TV season, Latino Heritage Month 9/15-10/15

October: Advertising Week, Halloween, American Film Market, AFI Sponsored by Audi

November: AFI Film Festival, Holiday Gift Guide

December: The Holidays

Navigating The New Normal

With the world and Chicago in its current state, now is the best time you could ask for to start your branding campaign. There are still plenty of business opportunities which exist in this new normal. 

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Monthly Stats:

  • 130,000+ views
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Purchase Options: Monthly, Quarterly, Annually. 

Ads can start any day of the week. 

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Elert Ad sizes:

Banner: 728×90
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File formats:  JPEG, GIF, Animated Gif.
Purchase Options: weekly (M, W, F)

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