Saban Films releases trailer for ‘Echo Boomers’

1+ The trailer for Echo Boomers, the crime drama feature starring Oscar nominee Michael Shannon (Knives Out, Nocturnal Animals, The Shape of Water) and Patrick Schwarzenegger (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) has been released.  The story follows a crime ring breaking into the homes of Chicago’s most wealthy and destroying what they don’t steal. … Continue reading “Saban Films releases trailer for ‘Echo Boomers’”

‘Echo Boomers’ picked up by Saban Films

2+ The Chicago Feature Echo Boomers has found its home with Saban Films. The company has acquired the North American distribution rights to Seth Savoy’s directorial debut before the opening of the Toronto film market. The term “echo boomer” stands synonymous with millennial. Disillusioned by a world where economic odds seem stacked against them, the … Continue reading “‘Echo Boomers’ picked up by Saban Films”

‘Echo Boomers’ wraps in Chicago, moves to post

3+ You may not be as familiar with the term from which Echo Boomers gets its title as you are with “generation Y,” or the all too ubiquitous “millennials.” As the children of Baby Boomers, our lives have echoed out from theirs.   It’s no secret our generation gets a lot of grief, and it stands … Continue reading “‘Echo Boomers’ wraps in Chicago, moves to post”