Brit Tony Malcolm is top creative on DDB/McDonald’s

DDB’S BIG COUP to start the year was importing of Brit Tony Malcolm to fill the top creative spot on its US McDonald’s business. He comes from nearly a decade with Leo Burnett, London, which has McDonald’s bu

Agency SCC’s New Year starts with a new account

AGENCY SCC starts 2014 with new business from Evanston-based Kerrygold USA, importers of Ireland-made butter and cheese.  Said Molly O’Loughlin, Kerrygold USA’s marketing director, in anno

Bliss’ “Magic Piano” hits the right seasonal note


See the trailer for “Jupiter Ascending” shot here

A trailer for “Jupiter Ascending,” the Wachowskis latest action/adventure sci-fi epic, gives you a mouth-agape look at what is possibly their most jammed-packed visual effects epic out of their 22 films, to date. 

Tris3ct named one of Chicago’s 100 best workplaces

ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO WORK in Chicago is 8-year old marketing agency

Two by Four, Cap Gun win Davey Award for OTS PSA

AGENCY TWO BY FOUR WON Best in Show from the 2013 International Davey Awards for

Artisans to sell their wares at CRC’s “Rock & Shop”

CHICAGO RECORDING is getting into the holiday spirit with its first “Rock and Shop,” Tuesday, Nov. 12, a chance to shop for a variety of unique artisan creations all made by agency and production people after they leave their day jobs. Studio manager Rose Razal has gathered together 16 such art

“Anything’s Possible” as Lottery wins Batchy Award

THE LATEST AWARD for the Illinois Lottery was the top “Batchy Award” bestowed upon its multi-faceted “Anything’s Possible” campaign by NASPL (North American Assn. of State and Provincial Lotteries) in the

Thursday: Columbia’s Tribute to beloved Ronn Pitts

A TRIBUTE TO RONN PITTS by Columbia College Thursday evening, Oct. 17, will celebrate the unique life of a filmmaker who loved his Columbia students and was beloved in return, who was always there for them and his myriad friends and never said no to any of them. 

TV’s Dick Wolf to keynote Sunday’s Film Summit

“Law and Order’s” Dick Wolf, who’s here filming two NBC TV shows will be the keynote speaker at Sunday’s Chicago Film and Media Summit & Expo at the Cultural Center at 5 p.m.  But be forewarned – his speech is open for r

Odd Machine made Tourism’s popular Mini Abe spot

ILLINOIS TOURISM’S SPOT featuring a miniature plastic “Mini Abe” guides viewers through the state’s popular attractions in Tourism’s ne

The Art Directors Club looks like it’s here to stay

REVIVAL OF THE ART DIRECTORS CLUB after a long absence was a smashing success, judging by the creative community that turned out for two events.  Partnering here with Otis Gibson’s  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.