Draftfcb’s dilemma should also concern other agencies

How many hits can we take?  Year after year, for more than a decade, Chicago’s ad industry has suffered body blow after body blow — leaving most to wonder how long this business could survive such a pummeling. Well, the good news is there still is an ad industry in Chicago.  And it still has signs of life.  But the bad news is the bad news obviously is n

Lottery counting on baseball tickets for $$$ hits

Batter up!  Amid reports that private manager Northstar Lottery Group isn’t making the revenue numbers it brashly told Illinois officials it could hit, the Illinois Lottery this week is turning its attention to a new game to entice more people to buy Lottery tickets. The new offering is designed to attract the vast legions of fans of that most all-American of sports —&n

New Smithe spot plays off the upcoming NATO summit

Nobody puts more mirth into their marketing initiatives than the trio of Smithe brothers — Tim, Mark and Walter — who preside over the well-known local furniture store chain Walter E. Smithe. The chain is so familiar to so many because for years the company has made a point of producing any number of wacky TV commercials — many of which cleverly tie i

CNN’s sinking ratings reflect terrible programming

The news was hardly shocking.  To us anyway.  Late yesterday, it was revealed — once again — that top executives at cable news channel CNN are wringing their hands in desperation because ratings continue to plummet.  Based on the April national Nieslen ratings report, CNN has sunk to third place among nation

Turano Baking campaign celebrates 50th anniversary

The Jacobs Agency/Chicago has baked up a new outdoor campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of Chicago’s well-known baked goods institutions, Turano Baking Co.  The ad campaign launches this week. Jacobs, which is celebrating its own 15th anniversary in business, kept the concept for the new Turano campaign simple and straightforward.  The core billb

MillerCoors cuts Draftfcb in favor of WPP consortium

The news couldn’t have been more devastating. At 10:30 Tuesday morning DraftFCB/Chicago president Michael Fassnacht picked up his phone and discovered MillerCoors chief marketing officer Andy England was on the line. Without wasting time, England delivered the long-rumored bombshell. Only it was worse than expected. England told Fassnacht MillerCoors was pulling all it

Advertising not shown at its best on ‘The Pitch’

How depressing.  For several weeks we studiously avoided watching the pilot for “The Pitch,” the new AMC cable series that takes us inside the ad industry to see how agencies land new business. But over the weekend our resolve began to weaken, and we plunged in. Boy, are we sorry we did.

Euro’s Sauza Blue ‘Fireman’ web video is smokin’ hot

Like it or not, the Internet and its seemingly infinite possibilities for marketing products have been all the rage in the advertising world for years. So for we jaded types who have heard it all about what a wonder the Web is, it takes a lot to fire up interest in a new digital campaign. Another video, you say?  So what. We hear you. But Euro

New DPC’s April 30 spot intros “Lucky Day Lotto”

So now — in advance of its debut later this month — we have the second TV commercial in what can only be described as a new era in Illinois Lottery marketing. That new era began with the appointment in January of Downtown Partners/Chicago as the new agency of record for the Lottery.  DP/C replaced Energy

"Pure Michigan” spot campaign is pure perfection

If that day ever arrives when the great god of advertising (wherever he or she may be) must chose the greatest ad campaigns there ever were, surely — if there is any creative justice to be had in that heaven — the sublime  “Pure Michigan” campaign will land at or near the top of that hallowed list. Over the course of the past six years, we have watched this rich an

R/GA’s Grey Goose savvy website in excellent taste

So what becomes the world’s best tasting vodka?  Well, nothing less than one of the slickest, most social media savvy sites now out there in the vast Internet world.  We are talking about the newly-launched Web destination for Grey Goose premium vodka, which can be seen and savored to the fullest at www.GreyGoose.com. 

Joffrey Ballet’s daringly different sales brochure

It’s a fact of life in the performing arts now. Crowds no longer just show up and fill theaters on cue. Ticket prices are higher (in some instances dramatically so), and everyone is being pulled in so many more directions than they were even as recently as a decade ago.

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