Larmon’s Cavalry delivers a creative punch for Coors

Beer advertising needed a jolt.  And Jim Larmon, the chief creative officer at Cavalry/Chicago, has delivered a big one. With the unveiling on Sunday of the new agency’s first work for Coors Light, Larmon and Cavalry

Y&R taps Cimino to replace Winter as top creative

People come.  And people go.  And at Young & Rubicam/Chicago, one chief creative officer came and another went in very short order this week.  Very short order Indeed.

Can C/K, DDB's foreign creative approach work?

Does foreign really work in Chicago?  That’s the burning question that is likely to be answered in the not too distant future as we watch how things fare for two high-profile creative leaders in Chicago. The most recent arrival to whom we refer is Derek Green, the charming 37-year-old ad man now ensconced as the new executive creative director at Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago, an a

NY’s One Club tests unConference concept here

The One Club is coming to Chicago. Considered by many in the ad world, who consider such things to be one of the most prestigious organizations devoted to spotlighting creativity in the advertising industry, the One Club — for the most part — has been an organization that conducted its business in New York City. But next month that will change — though not everyone in our peac

Two by Four puts new energy into OTSC luncheon

Let’s hear it for the little guys.  If it wasn’t for the little guys — by that we mean the smaller shops that are part of the warp and woof of the local ad industry — where would we be as an ad community at this point in time?

Jones hit jackpot with Lottery’s first year changes

Taste.  Style.  Both are lovely words. Though hardly ones we would — in the past — have commonly associated with the Illinois Lottery.  After all, how many tacky, juvenile, schticky TV commercials does one have to sit through before concluding that — in the past — the Illinois Lottery was all about appealing to the lowest common denomin

New Sponge president J. T. Mapel to elevate agency

Paul Brourman added a new top executive to the Sponge/Chicago staff roster on Monday.  J.T. Mapel, Brourman’s former coworker at DDB/Chicago, will become Sponge’s new president. Brourman, who founded Sponge in 2006 after he left DDB, 

Havas Worldwide rebrands Euro RSCG; top execs remain

What’s in a name?  Not enough to keep it apparently, if you’re David Jones, CEO of the Paris-based holding company Havas. This week, Jones announced his daring decision to scrap the worldwide advertising agency network previously known as Euro RSCG, which is the principal ad agency network within the Havas empire

DDB quietly absorbs Element 79; Williams to depart

Let’s put it this way. It wasn’t a good sign. Quietly.  Ever so quietly, the deed was done.  Not in the dark of night, exactly.  But quietly.  So as not to disturb any positive thoughts gestating out there about the state of the Chicago advertising industry. Yeah.  Maybe we were guilty of being too distracted by the fun and possibilities atta

Second City helps the Lyric change its marketing tune

Circa 2012, it’s a whole new world at Lyric Opera of Chicago. The city’s world-renowned opera company has over the past couple of years begun to completely transform its approach to marketing. And just in time, by all accounts. Lyric no longer is an island unto itself where the powers-that-be in the marketing department can readily assume a new season will come

Art smart Burnett/Arc’s public ploy promotes theatre

There they were Sunday morning.  A couple of hundred people gathered around the staircase inside the Michigan Avenue entrance to the Art Institute of Chicago.  They were staring at something odd. Something that didn’t look right — a drastically-altered version of Georges Seurat’s famous “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte - 1884.”   Those wh

Positive Pompous Society feedback, but bashing, too

What would any successful event be without a useful post-mortem?  And that post-mortem is what the Pompous Society eagerly convened Tuesday night at the Farmhouse, a Midwestern craft tavern at 228 W. Chicago Ave.  Tuesday night was to be the “what did we get right and what did we do wrong” assessment of the party and speech that officially kicked off the Pompous Societ  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.