Does holiday spot say new life for Sears or last gasp?

Surprised? Yeah, we’ve been surprised by a lot of what Sears is up to, at least so far as its television marketing efforts are concerned. We’ve been surprised the most by how aggressive Sears suddenly appears to be at a moment when almost all the experts already had written off the department store behemoth as all but a goner. Could this be the last gasp?

Much more required for Chicago to be hot ad center

We dread it.  We shouldn’t, really.  Yet we always do. It’s time to ask the question that always rises to the top of the bin right about now:  What kind of year has this been for the Chicago advertising industry? Why should it be such an unpleasant question?  Well, because we always hate to face the hard cold facts once again and try to draw some&

Beautiful new Lincoln MKZ car beautifully introduced

It’s rapidly becoming a lost art.  Very lost, at least within the world of marketing, which used to be such a magical, mystical, fun place to spend a while. We’re talking, of course, about the rarified art of buzz.  Getting people talking.  Generating word of mouth, which most marketers — even the vast number who don’t really know what they’re talking about

Cubs hit a homer by naming local SCC their agency

Everyone knows s**t happens in the ad biz.  Sure.  But every now and then good stuff does too  And sometimes, when the stars are really aligned, several really good things happen at an ad agency at once that pull it off the sidelines and position it center stage. That is exactly what seems to have happened at Schafer Condon Carter, one of Chicago’s mid-sized shops t

Reinvented Lottery approach pays off in holiday spot

Yes, we know.   By now, we know.  More than a year into the reinvention and resuscitation of the Illinois Lottery, it’s become clear that “anything’s possible.”  In fact, come to think of it, that core message couldn’t be a more apt expression for the holiday season. Though it was coined just after the holidays last year, the tagline does have about it

Y&R debuts perfectly pitched BMO Harris spot

It was, for those who take a broader view of things, a bittersweet moment in Chicago advertising annals.  Yes, we’re talking about the debut this week of BMO Harris’s new advertising campaign — a TV print, digital and out-of-home effort from Young & Rubicam/Chicago. It is, to our knowled

Ch. 2 spots rebrand news as ‘Original Reporting’

If only it were so easy.  For four years — four long years — Jeff Kiernan has been trying to do the seemingly impossible.  Some might compare it to the ungodly task Sisyphus was handed in trying forever to roll that huge boulder up a hill.

Savoring the details in DDB’s Milky Way print ad

It’s the forgotten advertising form.  It gets no respect.  It’s probably going to go the way of the dinosaur before much more time has elapsed.  We just have that sinking feeling.  Especially as magazines of the hardcopy variety continue to be threatened with extinction (goodbye Newsweek, we really loved you!). Yes, we’re talking a

Draftfcb’s sitcom spots work for new Cox-TV account

Life goes on.  Even at DraftFCB/Chicago.  No one needs to be told that the ad shop — which not that long ago could lay claim to being the city’s largest — has been hit again and again by misfortune the past couple of years — primarily in the form of major account defections.   Those kinds of blows can knock a lot out of agency.  But for now, at least, Dra

HY Connect shows enviable account, staff growth at 10

We’ve said it many times before.  And no matter how often we say it, the truth doesn’t change.  The past decade has not been kind to the Chicago advertising community. Too many agencies have shrunk or endured a painful death. Too many pieces of business have looked for greener pastures in other markets.  And too few agencies have demonstrated the kind of leadershi

CDW/O&M spots short- change spokesman Charles Barkley

Let us, for a moment, turn our attention to Charles Barkley. We all know who he is.  He’s a former pro basketball player who found a life after life on the court as a TV color commentator and, increasingly, as a spokesperson/performer for a number of products and brands. Why has Barkley been so successful in these two areas after his care

Burnett/NY play says a lot about state of advertising

What’s next?  A couture line of advertising-inspired fashion?   That’s the sort of question one finds oneself asking in the wake of the news this week that Leo Burnett’s fledgling New York office is getting into the theater producing business. Yes, it’s enough to make one wonder whatever happened to advertising — the business we thought, perhaps mista  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.