NY-based Rokkan opens branch here with staff of six

They always come in to town with expectations.  Great expectations that they will do great things.  Make a mark in Chicago.  Expand their footprint.  All the good stuff that comes with success. If only it were so all the time.

Bud’s Super Bowl spot could’ve killed but was so so

Super Bowl 2013 is history.   A game that began looking as if it would be a rout, ended a thrilling — dare we say unforgettable — football game. But how about the 2013 Super Bowl advertising that every year is the focus of at least as much attention as the game itself? Plenty has been written about Super Bowl advertising in the weeks leading up to the game

Andy Richter directs Lottery big payoff spots here

Can it only have been a year since Downtown Partners/Chicago began working on the Illinois Lottery account? My, how time flies. And how dramatically so much has changed — for the better we hasten to add — since the agency took over the account from Energy BBDO/Chicago.

GSD&M, makes waves of change for Walgreens

Who hasn’t noticed?   Walgreens is undergoing a major sea change.  A sea change in operations.  A sea change in image.  And most definitely a sea change in advertising. For the longest while — decades and decades — Walgreens was just another of those sleepy Chicago companies that sort of muddled along, content to merely be the corner drugstore. A cluttered,

Sears Optical sees fresh approach to storytelling

It’s a basic axiom.  If advertising campaigns don’t get refreshed, they usually get stale.  And when ad campaigns become stale, that usually means consumers become less interested in them. The work doesn’t get noticed.  And worst of all, product sales can be negatively impacted. For the past three years, Sponge/Chicago has been playing with a cute co

SCC’s ‘world’s biggest spot' not an idle boast

It certainly cannot claim to be the world’s largest ad agency.  Or even the largest in Chicago.  But no matter.  Schafer Condon Carter/Chicago can now boast of having had a hand in creating the “world’s biggest commercial.”   We put the claim in quotes, of course, because it is a boast that has nothing to do with the commercial in question being the longe

C-K adds chef’s favorite Vitamix to new business mix

Just when things seem darkest, a ray of light often materializes to indicate all is not lost.   And sure enough, that is what has happened at Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago. As the agency is preparing to defend it Porsche North America account, the agency got the good news it has been named agency of record for Vitamix.  That means the agency will be adding an account w

ESW wins new accounts, adds staff, plans rebranding

It isn’t always on our radar screen in quite the same way some other local ad shops are, but, as it turns out, there’s lots happening at ESW Partners/Chicago these days. Tops on the list is a major account win — Atlanta-bas

Lyric Opera-SC improvs a box office hit

Sands shift.  They shift under people.  They shift under institutions too.  Perhaps no cultural organization in Chicago has recognized just how much the sands are shifting beneath it than has Lyric Opera of Chicago. And they are moving to deal with the matter before it becomes a huge problem. Under general director Anthony Freud and creative consultan

Lottery spots exemplify best of Chicago advertising

It’s the eyes.  Yes, the eyes for sure.  How do we know the Illinois Lottery and its ad agency of record Downtown Partners/Chicago got this new round of very smart brand commercials exactly right? It’s the eyes.  Absolutely the eyes. We’re talking about those expressive eyes and the message of fear and longing they so brilliantly convey in the spot s

Despite great work, C-K faces Porsche ad review

No rhyme. No reason. Ridiculous. Disgusting.  Welcome to the often impossible-to-fathom world of advertising.  Especially the world of advertising as it seems to play out in Chicago. Just a few days ago, Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago got the stomach-churning news no agency wants to hear:  Porsche North America, one of C-K’s biggest and certainly one of its most high-profi

Gibson’s Gertrude: boutique with big ideas and heart

He doesn’t run the biggest ad shop in the Chicago. Not by any means. Nor the most highly publicized. But he has been a presence.  Dare we say a force of a somewhat different sort for these past seven years as he first opened — and then diligently sustained — his own boutique ad agency. Yes, we’re talking about the very real, the very straightforward — tell

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