Worth repeating: Producers see interesting spot trends emerging and the value of incentives

Chicago took the lead in a recent story by Nicole Rivard in New York-based Shoot covering the combined impact of incentives in Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan and emerging new trends.

The Reel excerpted the trend observations that were expressed by Story’s Mark Androw, Fletcher Chicago’s Tom Fletcher and Digital Kitchen’s Don McNeill.

Mark Androw said he sees a a resurgence of more real people, or actors, who tell stories like real people.

Spots have a more naturalistic style and a less staged feel, he said.

He believes the success of YouTube has spilled over into commercials. The really outrageous ideas or things in YouTube videos that look unstaged will pop up in in spots.

On the technical side, Tom Fletcher said he noticed how post houses are driving more camera decisions than in the past due to graphically intense work.

“They do a lot of compositing, so they tell the DPs to use a 4:4:4 camera. If you are going to composite, shooting with a 4:4:4 camera saves you a lot of time in cleanup,” he said.

The camera cost might be double, Fletcher explained, but the time and money savings in post would be even greater. “Ninety percent of our D20 and Viper rentals to this date have been driven by post, not by the DP.”

Another trend Fletcher is witnessing: The benefit of the improved scanners and the movement to a digital intermediate workflow.

At Filmworkers Club, where installation of DI is underway, a new fiber uplink service is being offered, via Vyvx, that facilitates the real-time delivery of HD TV spots and other media to U.S. broadcasting destinations.