#WomenWorthWatching aims to level the playing field



mcgarrybowen and the
US Tennis Association
enlist Billie Jean King
to encourage fans
to share highlights
of the female athletes
who inspire them

mcgarrybowen and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) have developed a win / win / win situation for female athletes, sports fans, and women around the world. Beginning on Opening Day of the 2019 US Open, they will launch Built for Glory, a campaign for gender equality that encourages everyone to get involved.

Built for Glory is centered around a call to arms. In addition to running spots on broadcast and social channels, it invites fans to share highlights of the female athletes who inspire them via the hashtag #WomenWorthWatching.

The mission is to increase the amount of coverage devoted to female athletes in America, which currently stands at a pathetic 4%. Beginning on September 7, also known as Women’s Equality Day, it features the legendary Billie Jean King as spokesperson.



“The disparity in coverage really caught our attention,” recalls mcgarrybowen Group Creative Director Lara Herzer. “To get these incredible female athletes seen in action by as many people as possible, we mobilized the fans to bypass traditional channels.”

“We felt the US Open could provide a powerful platform to help address the inequalities that still exist in the world today like the unequal media coverage of men’s and women’s sports,” adds Group Creative Director Lee Remias.

The USTA also expanded their partnership with SheIS, a not-for-profit group whose goal is to “leverage the power of women in sports to create a future of, by and for strong women.”

Having worked with SheIs since 2018, the association recognizes the organization as a natural partner for amplifying and extending the reach of the campaign.

“We’re thrilled to partner once again with SheIS to help celebrate women not just in tennis but across all sports and show the world why women are worth watching,” explains Nicole Kankam, USTA Managing Director, Marketing. “Women’s Equality Day coinciding with Opening Day of the 2019 US Open was the perfect opportunity to reaffirm the USTA’s long-standing commitment to gender equality,”



Women Worth Watching will run during the US Open, August 26 – September 8. The campaign emphasizes social at its core, but will increase exposure by runnin spots and videos on broadcast during ESPN segments. The content will also be live on partner SheIS website and social channels and will be promoted through other sports influencer partners.

Client: US Tennis Association
   CMO: Amy Choyne
   Managing Director, Marketing: Nicole Kankam
   Marketing Manager: Carrie Ehorn
   Marketing Coordinator: Noelle Hickey

Creative Agency: mcgarrybowen
   Chief Creative Officer: Kurt Fries
   Group Creative Director: Lee Remias
   Creative Directors: Lara Herzer & Mike Wegener
   Head of Production: Steve Ross
   Executive Producer: Mark Olson
   Music Licensing Supervisor: Libby Morris
   Director of Business Affairs: Joann Baker
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   Account Executive: Grace Harding

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Voice over: Billie Jean King

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