WME packaging 11Eleven’s remake of “Doberman Gang”

Darren Reagan

WME is packaging two of the several projects that local producer Darren Reagan is developing through his 11Eleven Entertainment.

The agency is onboard for Reagan and “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan’s remake of the “Doberman Gang” film series, and a cable series based on Cynthia Buchanan’s 1972 novel “Maiden.”  WME represents Millan for entertainment projects.

“Doberman Gang” is based on the 70s trilogy about five dogs trained as burglars who turn the tables and become crime fighters.  Reagan had pursued remake rights to the franchise for 15 years.  He calls it “a great core concept—‘Ocean’s Eleven with dogs.’” 

Cesar Millan

He secured a deal last year, then approached Millan to partner on the project, through Millan’s IMG agent John Steele.

“I knew that Cesar Millan was a big fan of the movies and decided that if you’re making a movie about dogs, it’s not a bad idea to have the ‘Dog Whisperer’ in your corner,” Reagan says.

Regan and Millan are “staying true to the key elements that make the ‘Doberman Gang’ brand unique, while making some changes,” Reagan says, “primarily focused on developing the dogs’ individual characters and making them the heroes of the story.”

Chicago native Gina Fattore (“Californication”) scripted the pilot for Reagan’s other WME project, “Maiden,” about a naïve Southern belle navigating the Southern California singles scene.  Robert Altman had developed the project at Columbia Pictures as a Lily Tomlin vehicle in the early 70s, but the rights lapsed after the project fell through.  Reagan says Tomlin is “godmothering the project,” which they’re developing as a series for premium cable.


Cleetus Friednam

11eleven also has two midwestern reality series in the works: “City Provisions” and “The Geek Group.” Reagan is looking for a local partner for “City Provisions,” about chef Cleetus 

Friedman’s North Side local, sustainable caterer/deli.  “The focus of the series is connecting the urban foodie to the farm and field,” Reagan says.  “We’ll go beyond the farmer’s market and see where our food comes from, how it gets to us, and why we should care.”

“The Geek Group” is about the “Mythbusters”-style research team that has recently moves into a 43,000 sq. ft. facility in Grand Rapids.

Reagan was director of development for Martin Steger’s Marstar Productions (“Sophie’s Choice,” “Nashville”) from 1996-2001.  He moved to Chicago in 2004.  From 2005-7, he was marketing director for Theatre Council Productions, promoting national tours of “Hairspray,” “The Producers,” “RENT,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” and “Lord of the Dance,” as well as live events featuring David Sedaris, Garrison Keillor and Ira Glass.

He founded 11Eleven in 2007.  “Until now we’ve only worked with LA-based partners,” Reagan says.  “But from a practical point of view, we’d love to align ourselves with Chicago-based production partners who straddle the LA/Chicago worlds—like Gigi Pritzker’s Odd Lot or Kevin Cooper’s Amarok Productions.  It would be nice play in our own front yard and continue developing a local presence.”

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