Wisco candidate for Gov. breastfeeds in campaign video


Candidate Roys multitasks in new video

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate, Kelda Helen Roys, is no stranger to being bold.

During her time in the state assembly, Roys boldly went door-to-door to advocate for eliminating BPA in Wisconsin. BPA, or Bisphenol A, is an organic synthetic compound with the chemical formula (CH3)2C 2 belonging to the group of Diphenylmethane derivatives and Bisphenols, with two hydroxyphenyl groups. It’s a colorless solid that is soluble in organic solvents, but poorly soluble in water. It has been in commercial use since 1957.

Now, the Democratic candidate hopes to stand out in a large field of (mostly unknown) candidates and eventually unseat the state’s Republican governor Scott Walker, who was first elected in 2010. And she is doing it in the bold style Roys and her supporters have become used to.

In the 2:15-minute video “Our Girls,” which broke March 5, Roys, who comes off as down-to-earth, tells her personal story of learning about the prevalence of Bisphenol A in children’s products, and becoming determined to make Wisconsin a leader in banning it. The small business owner and attorney, starts off with one of her “door-to-door” stories.

As she gets more into the story, we begin to hear her 4-month-old daughter Avalon cry. After Roys motions for her husband, Don Reed, to bring Avalon to her, he rushes in. This is where Roys boldly goes where no political candidate has gone before – by discreetly breastfeeding Avalon on camera.

Boom goes the dynamite.

When asked why she decided to breastfeed on camera, Roys, 38, told Milwaukee’s WTMJ, “This is real life. I think so often that women who run for office feel like they can only present a certain side of themselves. You know, to be taken seriously. It’s 2018 and I feel like the fact that I’m a mother just shows that I have an even greater motivation.”

Reaction on Twitter has been mostly positive. Here’s a sampling:

I died and went to heaven watching you stake a claim on power while not disavowing your female identity and body. All Hail You. And Godspeed.

If I had a nickel for every crazy look my daughter gets when she feeds my granddaughter in public ? she’s very discreet too. Americans need to get over their Puritanical breastfeeding hang ups ?

Tell us bit more about where you stand on issues Kelda, Universal Healthcare, free college tuition, ending all wars, green new deal / jobs program, rebuilding our infrastruce, etc. it’ll be nice, but I love the video beyond words.

Hey- I’m not a Wisconsinite but a mom in NY – thanks for normalizing breastfeeding- we need more ads like this!

Lovely! I don’t live there but you’d have my vote if I did! Keep up the great work.

This brought a tear to my eye! Love it and am sharing on my feed. Good luck! We need more strong, multitasking women in power!!

And as with any bold move, there are some reactions that aren’t so crazy about it:

What’s next? Sitting on the toilet?


You should put that THING away, we don’t want to see it!

Roys stands behind the breastfeeding, believing that people are ‘hungry’ for candidates who are authentic and real. She doesn’t believe that any candidate should hide something important about themselves. And it’s clear from the video, that the well-being of her daughter is very important to the candidate.

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