Watch Martha Stewart take on Jack in the Box

Martha Stewart and Jack Box

Martha Stewart and Jack Box

Sunday, I will be watching my beloved Eagles take on the hated Pats. And truth be told, I will be chowing down on a genuine cheese steak from Philly’s West in Westwood.

However, if I wasn’t enjoying that meat that literally becomes one with the bread, I would certainly try Jack in the Box’s new Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich, simply because the new regional Super Bowl spot from Los Angeles-based AOR David and Goliath is hella funny.

Directed by Caviar’s Neal Brennon, the 60-second Showdown features Jack in the Box’ founder, Jack Box, barging onto the set of Martha Stewart’s show after hearing the culinary icon boldly state, “You’d never find a quality Banh Mi-inspired chicken sandwich like this at a fast-food restaurant.”

What she learns when Jack storms onto the set is that Jack in the Box has done just that with its new premium “Food Truck Series” which includes the Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich, the Pork Belly BLT and the Prime Rib Cheesesteak. Now it’s on, in a celebrity feud that could rival Drake and Meek Mill’s Twitter war. It’s a real beef. Sort of.



There is also this very funny 15-second teaser as well.



Stewart is quickly becoming a welcome Super Bowl staple as she appeared in last year’ T-Mobile spot with rapper, and now gameshow host, Snoop Dogg. By partnering with a culinary icon of her stature, Jack in the Box is announcing to the world that they are bringing premium to the masses.

The campaign will air during the game on 2/4, kicking off a Twitter feud between Jack and Martha with hashtag #JackVsMartha that will include the two shooting barbs back and forth in the form of posts, videos, gifs and even giving out each other’s personal phone numbers.

There will also be partnerships with Buzzfeed and Funny or Die. Additionally, in order to more effectively capture consumers’ shorter attention spans, media partner Carat will be introducing a test of :06 units on a Regional level for Jack in the Box, bringing this first-to-market opportunity to life.

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