The vue’s Marcelle Feldt goes solo with her new
creative boutique located in Amazon’s space

The vue’s Marcelle Feldt

Same space, same clients but a new company name for spot editor Marcelle Feldt. Vue editorial is her creative editorial boutique, located in half the Amazon Editing office in the Filmworkers Club-CRC building.

Feldt had been working for Amazon owner Janice Rosenthal. When Rosenthal decided to downsize, Feldt figured this was the right opportunity for her to work solo.

Vue editorial, with two editing suites, occupy half the cozy, apartment-like office. Rosenthal continues to work on the opposite side.

“When Janice decided to cut back, I decided that the best thing was to do was work on my own. I’ve redecorated, and had the place hardwired to Filmworkers Club for ease of access to transfer material,” she said. “Obviously, we’ll use Filmworkers as a facility when we need them, but I have the freedom to continue what I’ve been doing.”

Feldt works on the Avid Media Composer, “which is all I need for now as creative editorial,” she said. “At this stage, I’ll go out of house for whatever else I might need.”

Her new assistant is Noelle Hicks, a recent Columbia College graduate. She considers EnergyBBDO her biggest client, providing her with plenty of work for clients Wrigley, Renuzit, and Bayer products.

Feldt joined Amazon three years ago after a seven-year stint with The Lookingglass, which was sold to The Whitehouse a few years later.

Vue editorial marks Feldt’s first time as a solo editor in her lengthy career. Born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa, and stultified by lack of career opportunity in her homeland, Feldt immigrated to the U.S. in 1992 at the invitation of editor Roger Harrison, whom she’d known in Johannesburg. At the time, he operated Cutaways here, a very successful spot house at the time. When Harrison closed shop to move to Los Angeles, most of his staff, including Feldt, joined The Lookingglass.

Feldt her career as a documentary filmmaker but quickly gravitated towards editorial. She’d been an assistant editor on several British features produced in South Africa; one of her mentors was Bill Butler, editor of “Clockwork Orange.”

Segueing into commercial work, she worked with such lauded directors as Leslie Dektor, David Cornell and Nicholas Roeg, and earned several international awards.

Vue editorial is located at 232 E. Ohio, third floor. Phone, 312/664-9333; Email See .