Veronica Dillard, actor, voice artist, producer, comedian

Millennial creative actress, voice-over artist, producer, and comedian Veronica Dillard is already having another busy and promising year. The Windy City native recently finished producing Passed Over, the story of five coworkers who discover that praying often makes the best defense in violent situations.

A handful of her film accomplishments from 2019 are not only still fresh as well, but also available for viewing.

Dillard’s starring role in See The Light, a short film directed by Aretha Tatum that premiered at the Chicago South Side Film Festival last fall, was preceded by a top performance on CBS’ Audition Spotlight at the That’s Voiceover! Career Expo in Los Angeles.

One of her recent featured films, Humanity Without A Home (written by Armon Robinson and directed by Armon Robinson and Rel Torry), is available for viewing on Amazon Prime.


Meet Veronica Dillard

What are you working on now? I just helped produce and do a voice over spot for our new short film, Passed Over, which tells the story of five co-workers who discover that prayer is their best defense against a gunman on a rampage. The film was written and directed by Aretha Tatum, who also made the award-winning See The Light, which is coming to select theaters this Spring. I’m also working on an animation voice for ebook version of a children’s book. I was also nominated in the TOP 30 CALL BACKS for the second round of the Audition Spotlight at the That’s Voiceover! Career Expo in Los Angeles. I also was honored as a Distinguished Alumni by the Lake Park High School Educational Foundation Spirit of Excellence.

What did you originally want to be when you grow up? I originally wanted to be an attorney.

How did you get into the film industry? I got into the film/tv/voice over industry growing up imitating voices such as ‘Steve Urkel,’ ‘Fire Marshall Bill’ (In Living Color) and Disney’s ‘Goofy.’ I loved making my family and friends laugh and being the center or attention. I then attended acting and voice over classes at Acting Studio Chicago

Who were your mentors? My past mentors were my mother and Rev. Clay Evans. My current mentors are Joan Baker, Debbe Hirata, Aretha Tatum, James Bayllis, Christine Horn, Dave Fennoy, Donovan Corneetz and Dandrell Scott.

What is your greatest achievement? Academically- obtaining my Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) Industry-Seeing myself on multiple cinema screens and performing on the Goodman Theatre stage.

What is your greatest disappointment? Not pursuing my dreams fully while my mother was living.

Name your biggest pet peeves? Poor communication, negative mindsets and laziness.

What are your predictions for the film industry over the next decade? Booking reoccurring roles for network television and voicing animation characters for Pixar films.

Name a job you had that would surprise people. Baggage handler for United Airlines.

What famous actor plays you in your life story? Sanaa Lathan.

What do you wish you had more time to do? I am living each day to the fullest and walking through all open doors God is providing.

What motivates you to create? God.

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Photo: Veronica Dillard