Utopic spreads the word about Hellmann’s mayonnaise

Hellmann’s Chef David Russell

Mayonnaise is much more than a flavor-enhancing bread spread when it’s Hellmann’s, as a chef demonstrates in three videos produced by integrated studio Utopic for Hellmann’s website.

The Utopic production team went to an industrial kitchen in Evanston to capture local Chef David Russell, who creates and tests all Hellmann’s back-of-the jar recipes, as he prepared three examples of how Hellmann’s assures a perfect result every time.

In each of the demos, Chef Russell shows how Hellmann’s can achieve deep rich browning of a grilled ham and cheese with orange nut mayonnaise; how it serves as a “moisture barrier” on a grilled chicken and roasted peppers gourmet sandwich and how the mayonnaise presents a “bound salad” from “weeping” when making a Maine lobster roll.

Agency was full-service Marlin Company of Springfield, Mo., agency of  record for Unilever Food Solutions, of which Hellmann’s is a unit. 

Utopic’s Michael Antonnuci was executive producer, Heather Mitchell was post EP and Ryan Gilbert edited.  April Speed produced for the Marlin Company.