Two-year old Glass City Films growing fast

Chicago-based Glass City Productions is in the midst of filming its third feature, the drama “Separation Anxiety,” at locations across northern Ohio, starting with a two-week shoot in the Columbus area.

Just two years since forming Glass City, director Cole Simon and producer John Klein also have documentary, music video and short work under their belts.

The Ohio locations include screenwriter Jeremy Sony’s house, which doubles as the production office. After Columbus they’ll do a weeklong stint at the Toledo airport, with the three-week shoot scheduled to wrap Nov. 23.

They’re stretching a $60,000 budget raised from private investors. “The film’s production value speaks to a much higher budget, which excites us,” Klein says.

Jeremy Sony wrote the script about a young woman (Kiana Harris, “Glass City”) and man (Tyler Seiple) coping with the possible suicide of their artist childhood friend (Corbin Jones) at a dam near their Ohio hometown.