Trailered offers online film-shopping convenience


Toni Morrison

New web-app
enables users to
view trailers,
see showtimes, and
purchase tickets
for local films

Powster — the award-winning interactive creative studio and production company for over 150 movie distributors — today announced the launch of Trailered, a new web-app search tool for all films showing in theaters nationwide.

With Trailered, moviegoers can instantly see trailers, showtimes and purchase tickets for films currently playing at nearby cinemas through one simple online access point.

From blockbusters to cult classics and indie gems, Trailered geolocates users, showing them the closest movie theaters and which films are playing at each location. It also allows moviegoers to create personalized playlists of preferred films across separate genres and formats like action, horror, and comedy and select exact days and times to see any of the films nearby.

Trailers play on the website alongside film art and release dates for every movie listed.

“Until now, finding out where, when and what films are showing has tended to be a somewhat tedious and tricky discovery process. Trailered makes the entire journey a much more engaging, streamlined and simpler experience for moviegoers,” said Ste Thompson, CEO and Creative Director of Powster. “Trailered makes finding which movies are playing at theaters nearby an effortless user experience. Simply load the site, and press play on any trailer listed. Those trailers listed are the current films in the movie theater that you can view that same evening.”

Trailered is in the United States and Canada covering all movies and movie theaters. Tickets for films can be purchased instantly through the Trailered website and moviegoers can currently try the web-app in their web browser for free. To experience the ultimate way to discover cinema, visit

About Powster
Powster, part of Vista Group International, is an award-winning interactive creative studio and production company for over 150 movie distributors including all six major studios, and various major music labels globally. Powster’s platform enables over eight million consumers a week to discover cinema showtimes on official movie websites. In 2018, the company built close to two thousand official showtimes and ticketing sites worldwide, including official sites for big blockbusters like Star Wars. Powster has headquarters in both Los Angeles and London. To learn more, click here.