Toyota’s Corolla Cross ad is a musical masterpiece that feels just right

Corolla Cross
Directed by Daniel Azancot, with influencer Aubrey Fisher

Nothing beats the satisfaction you get when things just work effortlessly, moving with you in complete harmony. Packing that pleasure into one flawlessly choreographed spot, Burrell Communications and In & Out Productions are showcasing Toyota’s new Corolla Cross – a vehicle in which everything feels ‘Just Right.’

Directed by Daniel Azancot, the musical masterpiece stars influencer Aubrey Fisher and his dance crew as they prepare to zoom off on an adventure in the new Corolla Cross. From packing their suitcases into the boot, to opening the doors, to buckling their seat belts, each action is meticulously choreographed to the bouncing beat of ‘I Got It’ by Jung Youth and Jeremy Silver, with synchronised camera moves to match.

With the vibrant dynamism of the choreography, music, camerawork, and editing all complimenting each other in faultless rhythm, the spot highlights the key concept of ‘Just Right’ while simultaneously celebrating the joy of driving. Corey Seaton, Burrell’s VP Group Creative Director, embraced choreographed dance as the ideal vessel for this, combining both precision and pleasure in one mode. Recruiting the skills of Aubrey Fisher and his dance crew, Corey had the influencers perform around the Corolla Cross, connecting the sleekness of the car’s benefits with that of their moves.

Working to ensure every element of the spot felt perfectly choreographed, director Daniel Azancot blended the crew’s dancing with the car’s own movements through synchronized camera work. Each dance move had to be cut into three second sound bites, accompanied by a specific camera move that showcased a detail of the vehicle itself. The final effect makes the camera just as much a part of the dance as the stars themselves, panning, rotating, and zooming to the beat with the utmost precision.

Both the choreography and the camerawork depended on the central pillar of the music. Wanting an upbeat tune with a repeated musical stanza, the team at Burrell ran through several options before hitting upon the perfect tune that answered their needs. With its exuberant trumpets, catchy rhythm, and snappy lyrics, Jung Youth and Jeremy Silver’s track imbues the spot with a sense of youthful vitality and spirit.

Director Daniel Azancot comments: “I loved the idea for this ad from the moment I heard it. I wanted it to look sophisticated yet simple at the same time, and the camerawork provided the magic touch. Aubrey Fisher and his dance crew’s positive energy was crucial for conveying the ‘Just Right’ concept in an empathetic and human way, through the joyful act of dancing with your friends. I’m so proud of the way we managed to incorporate the car as part of the dance, showing it with such great energy. Everything flows and the Corolla Cross becomes a part of the action in a very cool way.”

He adds: This spot is my third campaign with Burrell for Toyota, and each has been different. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to keep working as I love to, changing styles and trying new things for each project. I hope 2022 will bring me more opportunities like this one.”


Agency: Burrell Communications

VP Group Creative Director – Corey D. Seaton

 Sr. Copywriter – Adam Yencho

Art Director – Milan Williams

Senior Producer – Catherine Antoniello

SVP Managing Director – Vicki Bolton  

Account Director – Jihan West 

Account Executive – Aaliyah Myers

Production Company: In & Out Productions

Director: Daniel Azancot

Director of Photography: Federico Cantini

Executive Producer: Frida Sellar

Executive Producer: Julia Dangond


Original composition for the LV spots:

Jung Youth Jeremy Silver – I Got It


Original tracks Brandon Williams Music


Territory Post

Editor Terry King

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