Tommy Egan is back on the streets of Chicago in Power Book IV: Force

Tommy Egan
Joseph Sikora

Joseph Sikora is as hot in Chicago as the recent weather.

The Chicago born actor is no stranger to his current role as Tommy Egan on the immensely popular STARZ series, Power Book IV: Force. The star was born on Chicago’s North Side in an area known as Jefferson Park. He grew up there, and in Norwood Park.

“I’m supposed to be a fireman right now,” Sikora told Chicago Magazine in a 2016 interview. However, he did not become a fireman and he ended up moving to Brooklyn, where he currently resides. Sikora mentioned in the interview that he still has a lot of family and close friends in the Chicago area.

Although the neighborhood he grew up in was a little more affluent than what his character might lead you to believe, he has admitted to selling drugs on the side a couple of times. When Wendy Williams asked Sikora about that in an interview his response was, “I guess the true answer would have to be yes, but how much? I’ll take a little bite of a lemon.” He took a bite out of a lemon because he was playing Williams’s ‘Sour Power’ game where interviewees can dodge a question if they take a bite of a lemon. Pretty smart ploy there.

There was a time when the star of Force would occasionally put up his dukes for a fight, mentioning in the same interview with Williams, “I was an amateur fighter for a lot of years, (a) boxer in Chicago as well,” Sikora said. “And then when you’re not boxing, I think that you’re probably taking (anger) out in different ways. So really to learn how to manage the anger. And I think it really helped for Tommy because then you actually end up owning the anger.” Just another example of how Sikora is on another level when it comes to acting.

When Sikora is on the set though, he is definitely nothing like the Tommy Egan character that he plays on Force. At least in some regards. When he’s on set Sikora is very humble and makes a point to say hello to as many crew members as he can. Not just saying, “Hey there” but actually calling people by their names. And there are upwards of 300+ people currently working on the set of Force.

He’s also known to add his creative input for a character that he knows very well. Sikora is a dream for directors and editors as he does offer really good alternative choices to some of the dialogue.

In all, Joseph Sikora is a perfect representative of the city of Chicago; hard working, humble, and damn good at what he does. We should all be proud of how he represents the city, in a highly successful show based in Chicago.

Season 2 of Power Book IV: Force is currently in the early stages of filming, which started on Thursday, May 12th. Reel Chicago will continue to show coverage of the series throughout the season.

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