Though not a winner, Emerzian happy her entries rose to the top of the James Beard Awards

Emerzian’s “,” a cooking show for kids, lost to the Culinary Institute of America, “Living on the

Filmmaker Gaylon Emerzian had her “moment” of feeling like a Hollywood celebrity as she walked on the red carpet outside Lincoln Center earlier this month as a two-category finalist in the uber-prestigious James Beard Awards.

Although she didn’t win, she exulted in being ranked among the rich and famous in America’s $600 billion culinary business. Wedge” artisan cheese documentary was topped by Todd English of Riche restaurants.

Emerzian tapes five recipes per “” webisode with the Gerasole sisters, hosts Olivia, 11 and Isabella, nine, in their kitchen down the street from Emerzian’s Evanston home.

Their father is Ch. 2’s restaurant critic Vince Gersole.

“We tape a set of five recipes for a balanced meal, so a working mom with limited time to spend with her family can log on and make a balanced meal as a family activity,” she said.

“We do the show in one take”?Emerzian tapes with her Panasonic 100A mini DV cam?”and eat the food afterwards.”

In 2006, “” won the James Beard Best Webcast Award. “Our tiny production company beat out culinary behemoths and top chefs,” she beamed.

It attracts about 15,000 visitors a month. New York-based Scholastic, the world’s largest publishers of children’s books, will release a “The Spatulatta cook book” Sept. 1, filled with family recipes collected from friends and guests on the show.

Now Emerzian is seeking funding for a proposed big budget, 13-episode series to air on PBS.

“Living on the Wedge” filmed in Wisconsin