Thornley directs The Imperial Sound’s ‘A Man Like You’

The Imperial Sound

The Imperial Sound

Commanding vocals and
Tower of Power-style horns
make an audiovisual
sensation that
jumps with
nearly four minutes
of soulful good times

Melissa Thornley tapped into some of the best things about Chicago’s film industry and music scene while directing and producing the video for The Imperial Sound’s “A Man Like You.”

Besides mixing the group’s fun-loving personality with a compelling studio performance, she upped the buzz surrounding the August 31 release of The New AM, the band’s debut album on Pravda Records.

Celebrating what it means to be a man beyond labels, headlines, and societal norms, the music video for “A Man Like You” showcases a large cast of characters. Among them are lead vocalist Robert Cornelius, who is also a cast member in the upcoming Comedy Central series, South Side, and The Imperial Sound leaders Rick Mosher and Kenn Goodman.

Set to commanding vocals and Tower of Power-style horns that recall Otis Redding’s legendary Stax era, the audiovisual sensation jumps with nearly four minutes of soulful good times.



Thornley’s Wholesome Midwestern Girl Productions produced the video, with Kenneth Rhem assuming Director of Photography duties.

To focus on the cast and the band, Rhem shot them against a simple and raw white background at 2112 Studios / The Hangar on Chicago’s northwest side.

An elite mix of staffers from places like Optimus and Company 3 handled post. Editor Angelo Valencia embraced the fun and vulnerability of the shoot by choosing set-up shots and outtakes that captured how awkward dancing (and life in general) can feel sometimes.

Melissa Thornley
Melissa Thornley

Thornley, whose past experience includes more than a decade with Whitehouse and Beast and current activity includes serving on the board of the Midwest Independent Film Festival, initially fell in love with the track “because it doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

The music video doesn’t either.

“It’s easy to get so caught up in the issues of the day, that we forget we are all just imperfect humans doing the best we can,” she explains.

The Imperial Sound’s debut album, The New AM, showcases songwriter Frederick Mosher’s hook-driven heritage with influences from Todd Rundgren and Carole King to The Replacements and Elvis Costello. It delivers infectious, shimmering songs that celebrate the craft and style of the best pop music. Along with the band’s blithe synthesis of 21st-century irony and AM-radio pop, the debut promises to be brave, unique, and catchy as hell.

The record release party for The Imperial Sound’s debut album, The New AM, takes place at the Hideout on September 1. For tickets and more info, click here.

   Director/Producer: Melissa Thornley
   Director of Photography: Kenneth Rhem
   Editor: Angelo Valencia/Optimus
   Colorist: Tyler Roth/Co3
   Titles/FX/Online: Ryan Wood/Optimus
   Final Mix: Marina Killion/Optimus
   Associate Producer: Alexandra Gerard
   Production Assistant: Jaxon Raya
   Post Producer: Joanna Woods
   Assistant Editor: Emily Hayes/Optimus
   Online Assistant: Connor Luczak

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