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Alex R. Hibbert in The Chi ‘Native Sun’

From Emmy winner Lena Waithe, The Chi is a timely coming-of-age drama series centered on a group of residents who become linked by coincidence but bonded by the need for connection and redemption. This week’s episode, ‘Native Sun‘ opens with Kevin (Alex Hibbert) and Jake (Michael Epps) are serving in-school suspensions.

Kevin was suspended for his antics during the college tour and Jake was suspended for getting caught having sex. The teacher babysitting the suspension offers the guys a way out if they agree to write detailed essays about their experience with police. Jake declines, but Kevin is eager to put his thoughts down on paper.

Later, Jemma (Judae’a) invites Kevin to come on her school talk show for a 5 minute interview to discuss what went down with the cops, but he continues to withdraw into himself and refuses, Jake, however, agrees. 

Emmett (Jacob Latimore) is still trying to mend his relationship with Tiffany (Hannaha Hall) after she discovered he had cheated on her. Tiffany turns the tables on Emmett by spending the night with her business partner Dante (Cory Hardrict) and telling Emmett that Dante is far superior to Emmet in the oral sex department.

The Chi ‘Native Sun‘ season 4, episode 3

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At work, Emmett lets Dom (La La Anthony) know that he told Tiffany about them, which angers Dom because really likes Tiff and hoped they could be friends in addition to starting the edible business together. Tiffany talks to Dom and both ladies are cool with what happened and have made it clear that they are not angry at each other about it.

Later in the episode, Tiff and others are attending a party where two men tell Tiff that she should be in an open marriage with Emmett. Tiff talks about it with Emmett and he is not at all happy. However, he says yes to being in an open marriage with Tiff because he knows that he was the one who blew up their relationship in the first place.

Imani (Jasmine Davis) is showing signs she is getting annoyed by Shaad’s (Jason Weaver) behavior. He doesn’t clean up after himself, catches an attitude with her when he works in her shop to maintain having a job, and then he befriends a sex trafficker.  Nuck (Cortez Smith), the sex trafficker, brings one of his girls to Imani’s salon to get her hair done, and the young woman is visably traumatized.  Imani decides she needs to intervene, but doesnt want to do so directly so she asks Trig (Luke James) to get involved, but Trig says he doesn’t want to at first stating that the girl is there by her own free will. Imani quickly corrects him stating that she is definitely NOT there by her own free will. She reminds Trig that he and Tracy are already working in a citizen’s group designed to serve the community and step in so Black residents don’t have to call the police and says, “So sex workers aren’t worthy of your help?” and makes Trig sleep on the couch that night.

Aside from this little disagreement, Shaad learns, from Nuck, that Imani is transgender, and it seems to freak him out.

The episode ends with Tracy (Tai Davis) visiting Douda’s (Curtiss Cook) penthouse and having a drink together. Douda wants to take $5 million from the police budget and give it to Tracy to spend on community initiatives.

The duo start kissing each other and try to make this moment just about themselves. However, when things just start to get really hot between the two, Douda’s ex-wife Roselyn Perry (Kandi Burruss) walks in on the two getting friendly (and undressed) in the living room, then tells them to keep going. “Don’t stop now,” she says, taking a seat on the sofa, “I like to watch.”

Douda is really surprised to see her, but Tracy is in no mood to stop and grabs his arm, pulls him back to her and continues kissing Douda in front of his estranged wife and the First Lady of Chicago. She drinks it all in from the other side of the room as the show comes to an end.

The Chi Season 4 returns with a new episode on Sunday at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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