The Chi cast checks in on the Season 6 shocking finale

The Chi

SPOILER ALERT, in the final episode of Season 6 of The Chi three cast members bid farewell in dramatic fashion. Two met their demise and one left the city for good.

The season had been building up to these exits, which were teased by the show’s executive producers. By the episode’s end, Otis “Douda” Perry (Curtiss Cook) and Rob (Iman Shumpert) were killed off, while Nina (Tyla Abercrumbie) departed with her girlfriend LaPorsha, leaving behind friends and family.

The deaths on screen were pivotal moments driven by the power struggles and conflicts that had unfolded throughout the season. Douda, a former mayor and crime figure, met his demise at the hands of Nuck (Cortez Smith), his once loyal henchman who ultimately betrayed him. Meanwhile, Rob’s defiance of Nuck led to his fatal shooting and the grim discovery of his body on his mother’s doorstep by Alicia (Lynn Whitfield).

Sit down with the cast of The Chi as they relive and recap the shocking Season 6 Part 2 finale.

Tyla Abercrumbie has been a part of The Chi since its inception in Season 1, bringing depth to her character Nina over the years. Curtiss Cook joined the series in Season 2, adding complexity to the role of Douda, while Iman Shumpert made a memorable appearance starting in Season 4.

The Chi, created by Lena Waithe, explores the lives of residents on Chicago’s South Side, delving into their interconnected stories amidst challenges of community, identity, and survival. Showrunner Justin Hillian noted that Douda’s fate was a reflection of the show’s gritty realism, where consequences are inevitable in a world filled with complex relationships and moral dilemmas. Despite the characters’ departures, The Chi continues to captivate audiences with its raw portrayal of urban life and its impact on those who call it home.

Season 7 of The Chi is currently filming in Chicago and is expected to air in mid-2025.