Test spot guru Fred Berkover starts new company

Fred Berkover and his old pal Bob Carr of Red Car will take off on their annual fishing expedition the end of June. Forget Wisconsin or Canada as their destination. The two editors will head for the Arctic Circle for two weeks.

When Berkover returns, he will pick up the reins at his new test spot company, Test Patterns, which has settled into space at Post Effects.

For 24 years Berkover owned Daily Planet, which he sold to employee Scott Marvel two years ago. With Daily Planet having shifted emphasis into editorial and motion graphics and away from test spots, Test Patterns will be Chicagos only totally dedicated resource for test spots for national agenciesBerkovers specialty.

The two-man company is comprised of executive producer Berkover, and editor/IT Bob Brink, whom Berkover calls his computer guru and the answer man.

Brink had worked at Berkovers Daily Planet several years earlier. He joined Test Patterns in April from Swell where hed been an editor, and earlier edited for Swells now-defunct Think Tank corporate division.

Berkover opted for the Post Effects affiliation on the basis of the totality of their facility. They have five excellent editors here, plus HD capability, audio, animation, and a studio for live test and product shots, all under one roof, he said.

Post Effects has every toy Ive ever wanted, Berkover said. Do I personally have time to learn it all? No, but I know how to get the best out of people here for my needs.

What others trip over when they buy gear, Mike (Fayette) already has been there. Im a resource, a good resource, I think.

Over the years, Berkover counted as clients S.C. Johnson/FCB, Kelloggs, Keebler, United Airlines/Leo Burnett, and Kraft for JWT.

Test Patterns is located at 400 W. Erie, phone, 312/640-2900.