Tessa Films’ “Work In Progress” to screen at Sundance

Abby McEnany in "Work In Progress"

Abby McEnany in “Work In Progress”

Chicago-made pilot
is one of four
“highly original
series-kickoff episodes”
that will be featured
during the festival’s
Indie Episodic Program

Tessa Films’ Work In Progress is scheduled to screen during the Indie Episodic Program at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

A series pilot directed by Tim Mason and starring Abby McEnany, the plot follows the story of Abby, “a woman who re-evaluates her life while dating a trans man after the death of her therapist.”

Mason and McEnany co-wrote and co-produced the pilot, which includes SNL’s Julia Sweeny as the woman responsible for “ruining (Abby’s) life” in the cast.

Work In Progress is one of four “highly original series-kickoff episodes” that will be featured during the Sundance Film Festival’s Indie Episodic Program, a showcase of comedy and drama from the East and West Coasts. Other pilots featured in the program include The Dress Up Gang, Delivery Girl, and It’s Not About Jimmy Keene.

The presentation begins at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 29, at Park City’s Prospector Square Theatre.

Although the trailer for Work In Progress is still under wraps, an informative Meet the Artists interview with Macon and McEnany is already generating buzz on YouTube.



Work in Progress
After her therapist dies mid-session and she begins dating a trans man, Abby is forced to re-evaluate her life choices, dating options, and whether or not to confront the woman responsible for “ruining her life” (SNL’s Julia Sweeney). We are proud to present the pilot episode of this darkly comedic series, created by star Abby McEnany and director Tim Mason.