Ten-month old Studio Satellite a mesh of Chicago advertising and Hollywood retouching worlds

Ten months into launching their advertising art studio, StudioSatellite partners Alex Page, a longtime DDB staffer and Clay Skougard, a Hollywood studio retoucher are in the black, with business moving along at a rapid clip.

StudioSatellite focuses on retouching and also offers design, Flash animation and illustration, with a move into 3D.

“We wanted to operate differently from other studios,” Page said, a former partner with Skougard in Beat Studios. “They talk about combining artistry with the latest technology. We think that goes without saying. We feel what sets us apart is how we apply those services for the client.

Prices are usually lower, because the studio doesn’t charge traditionally, Page said. “Most of the Chicago studios charge for keylining and high-res assembly, even though nowadays you do the keyline and the high-res assembly from the same digital file. We can charge half of what other people charge when we’re doing our pre-press work.”