Teamsters Local 727 endorses Chuy Garcia for Mayor and contributes $25k

In a meeting of over 300 members, the Teamsters Local 727 endorsed Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garciain in the 2023 Chicago mayoral election. Teamsters Local 727 represents nearly 10,000 members throughout the Chicago area. They released the following statement:

In a meeting of over 300 members, on Sunday, December 18th, the Teamsters Local 727 Executive Board and Principal Officer Secretary-Treasurer John Coli, Jr, endorsed Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garciain the 2023 mayoral elections for the city of Chicago. The endorsement was announced at the Teamsters Local 727 Union meeting, in front of over 300 Local 727 members.

“Congressman Chuy Garcia is the right choice for the city of Chicago,” said Secretary-Treasurer John Coli. Jr. “He has dedicated his life to service and has proven himself a true friend to labor. Chuy has served on every level of local government. Throughout his career, he has fought extensively for workers’ rights and to protect labor, from sponsoring bills to protect the right to form a union to showing up on strike lines. A son of two Teamsters and once a Teamster himself, Chuy Garcia has the endorsement of Teamsters Local 727 and my vote at the ballot box.”

Congressman Garcia addressed the audience, thanking Secretary-Treasurer John Coli, Jr, the executive board, and the members for the endorsement.

Secretary-Treasurer John Coli, Jr presented Chuy Garcia with a $25,000 check to contribute to his campaign.

Teamsters Local 727 represents nearly 10,000 members throughout the Chicago area. Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.4 million members throughout the U.S., Canada and Pueno Rico.

The 2023 Chicago mayoral election will be held on February 28, 2023. Lori E Lightfoot is the incumbent mayor since 2019.

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