TBWA\India wins big at Cannes with “Blink to Speak”


A campaign described as
“a kind of cure of paralysis”
has been awarded the
Health Grand Prix for Good
at the Cannes Lions
Festival of Creativity

TBWA\India’s Blink to Speak is believed to be the first eye language guide made in India to help the paralysed interact without speech.

“The Blink to Speak eye language guide was created for the non-profit organization Asha Ek Hope Foundation and NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, after several months of research with doctors, patients and caregivers to ensure the guide would make a real difference to those people’s lives who are struggling with speech,” commented Parixit Bhattacharya, creative director, TBWA\India.



Bhattacharya added, “To win the Grand Prix For Good at Cannes is testament to the power of this solution and is true to Cannes’ reputation of awarding creativity that makes a real difference. We accept this honour on behalf of NeuroGen and Asha Ek Hope Foundation, who were always passionate and supportive throughout the process helping to bring this intellectual property to life.”

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The guide is slated to launch in more languages later this week on June 21 in support of Global MND Awareness Day.

Blink to Speak was the only entry that would have had a shot at a Grand Prix in the pharma category, according to Rich Levy, chief creative officer at FCBHealth, president of the pharma jury and the one who framed the eye language as a kind of “cure” for paralysis. But it was a pro bono effort, meaning it wasn’t eligible for the grand prix in pharma or the health & wellness category, he said.

No Grand Prix was awarded in the category this year.